Marketing and branding: how to mix them successfully?

A name, logo, advertisement, PR campaigns, the level of customers’ care are the components of the future success of a company.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – a startup or long-term first, what is the field of business – industrial, building, IT, legal services, etc., marketing and branding are important for your promotion. It is needed not just to incorporate them into the long-term strategy. It is vitally important to do it in a correct manner. Let’s clarify what these two notions mean and whether they can to replace one another?

What is branding?

Branding shows the values of a product, services, or firm. It is more of a strategic thing. You underline and shows to the whole world what is important to you. It answers the following questions:

  1. “What is your company”,
  2. “Do you show your values differently from your competitors?”,
  3. “What is your values”,
  4. “What is your idea”.

A brand makes your recognizable all over the world. It is something that we see, hear or read every day. It is not just a picture, it can be the color of letters (e.g. Google), the type style (e.g. Disney), product shape (e.g. Coca-Cola), a motto (e.g. McDonald’s), or a sound (e.g. Microsoft). It is one of the main communication tools between an organization and the customers.

It is a short, very bright message not only to the customers but to the whole world. One word or logo can show the reputation of a firm or organization. It personalizes a company, makes it stand out from the competitors.

What is marketing?

Marketing is about the tactic. It is the tools used for the spreading of the company’s information. The main online and offline channels of marketing:

  1. Search engine optimization;
  2. Social Media;
  3. Radio and TV;
  4. Other channels.

Marketing means will change from time to time, as products and services will change either.

Myths destruction

  1. Nowadays problem is that companies are more focused on marketing, and forget about branding. It is a huge mistake.
  2. There is one more big wrong belief. Is that these two are interchangeable. It is not true, yet they are not totally independent. They both are used to achieve one common goal.

The two are powerful tools of information delivery. Marketing encourages the customers to purchase a product or services, whereas branding wants to make these customers loyal, and build long-term relations.

An example of brilliant branding is Apple products. This letter “I” and a bitten apple impossible to mistake with any other product. Buying Apple, you know that you are paying not only for an innovative device. You are paying for something really cool and chic.

How to mix them?

The two should work together for achieving the best results. Both these tools should be used simultaneously.

Nevertheless, at first, you need to develop your brand as a clear idea of who you are. There are a lot of faceless companies. If you want to be recognizable, think about a logo or a motto. As this part of the work is done, you need to develop a marketing strategy and answer to the following:

  1. “What channel of communication will be used?”
  2. “What is the best method for reaching your customers?”

Imagine that future business partners, investors and employees are going to search for information about your organization on the Internet. It is crucial that on the website, social media and other digital resources they found one and the same logo or motto. And with no doubt, they knew it is you. So they would never mistake you with somebody else.