Web Design

Web e-Commerce Retail

We are trying to build our work to create a design which will complete and satisfy the necessities of our client and users of the product. We follow all the wishes and aims of the customer and incarnate them into reality.


Mobile Design

iOS UI/UX e-Commerce

With our mobile design services, you receive the main thing useful, high quality and instinctively understandable application. We know how to execute the best interface to promote your business involving new user every day.



Brand Identity Coffee

Brand it isn’t just a trademark, this is the set of features that differ given business from competitors, and the successfully finished marketing campaign that was launched by creative branding agency.



Traveling Web

The development of user interfaces with a competent approach is built in a way to create them as attractive and convenient for optimizing their interaction with the user. And illustration agency will assist you in connecting the business with customers.


Motion Design


Our experts are the best motion designers and they know how to satisfy our clients and even exceed all their expectations. We immerse ourselves in the ideas and wishes of the customer, what allows us to do the work as high as possible.


Logo Design

Logotype Symbol Emblem

Logo design is the main component of the whole branding campaign. Each company must have a unique and contemporary logotype to differ from competitors.


Professional design services from Gapsy Studio

Ordering of custom design services is the direct way to the success of the company. The design is crucial since nothing is able to evoke emotions and become interested in the company’s as the website layout, product design and other types of advertising offer.

You should note that high-quality and creative design makes your company or brand different from the competitors and is able to gain the trust of the target audience and will become a real decoration of the brand.

The process of developing graphics can be presented as follows:

  • developing several alternatives of business conceptions;
  • choosing a style;
  • creating mockups and patterns;
  • make some changes;
  • getting a finished product.

Why do professional designer services for hire are so popular?

It can solve a lot of issues, for instance, emphasize the corporate style of the company, get the audience to know better about new service, product or brand, has contributed to the increase in sales, etc.

Each project is unique so the prices for the services and terms of development depends on the individual preferences of each client and graphic design services offered by the companies. Most of such studios guarantee that given project would be implemented by experts, but how to choose the right company?

Gapsy Studio – one of the leading design services company

At our disposal, you can find only modern technologies and innovative solutions for different areas of designing: from cheap website mockups to attractive business brand books. We know how to create a tasty menu and a business card, a huge signboard and a sophisticated discount card, an attractive banner and a low- cost stylish catalog.

We appreciate identity. Ready-made templates is what we refuse completely. We’re as one organism, one team of experts, full of ideas and inspiration, we those who always are able to find an effective solution to any given list of tasks.

It’s vital to cooperate with the client to develop smart and innovative solutions as well as aesthetic and comfortable ones that allow our clients to stand out in a rivalrous environment between the huge crowd of competitors.

We always pay much attention to detail, because we care about our reputation and expectations of those who trust us.

We approach the needs and wants of our clients on an individual basis, thus we can say that the cost of graphic design services depends on project features.

Contact us! We will be glad to help you in creating your individuality.