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With our mobile graphic design services, you receive the main thing useful, high quality and instinctively understandable application. We know how to execute the best interface to promote your business involving new user every day.

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Mobile phones become the intrinsic part of our lives, what makes mobile ui design one of the main directions in the process of creating an attractive and interactive application for pocket devices.

The first sight impression has the greatest influence, so it is very important for designers to meet user experience. Starting interaction with the app you should understand it intuitively. While creating their product a mobile design agency have to realize that the more comfortable is app the more chances that users will choose it among numerous competitors.

Are you looking for a breathtaking mobile UX design?

First of all, the main goal of UX is the process of interaction between a user with some product or necessary service. So, every contemporaneous mobile graphic design has a tight connection with understanding the people’s requirements, aims, motivation and the sphere of product use.

To correspond the latest trends the team of designers follows these principles:

  • simplification of the interaction. When the user interacts with the app, he has a definite purpose. And, as a rule, the fewer efforts are made the better is user experience.
  • color as a functional element. The color is chosen not only from an aesthetics point, it’s a part of the user interaction. Colors create an emphasis on the main thing.
  • the design which speaks. People often use only three applications, and at least one of them — a messenger. Therefore chatbots and the voice assistants enhanced by artificial intelligence became trends of the last years.
  • emotional interaction. We use emoticons (smiles) to inform others of our feelings. People can establish an emotional connection with all used products. As a result, in interaction with products, we expect reactions similar to human.

Gapsy Studio – we make a creative design that impresses!

One of the leading mobile design development company Gapsy Studio offers you a wide range of services connected with any type of web design: graphic, mobile, illustration, motion, logo, brand development. Our aim is progressive, emotive, interactive image that captures attention provokes emotions.

Our products are:

  • easy in using;
  • bright and captive;
  • convenient;
  • effective.

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