Social Media App Design

Social media app design is one of the best ways to impact your social profiles and channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... Social networks are the powerful ally in the promotion of any goods and services. The main advantages of such channels is a direct connection with potential clients and users. That’s why a special app that will assist in the creation of a content or support is a real “must” for a flourishing business. But there is no a great app without a great social network application design.

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How to create an amazing social network app design?

To answer this question let’s find out what kind of applications can be developed for networks and their purposes. Well, first of all, these are some that help to manage the content. For example, the automatic content publication that is developed to make the process of posting more optimized and easier. Also, these are product catalogs with e-commerce functions, different managers and aggregates of contests, apps that offer an exclusive information for fans, games and all sorts of digital marketing apps.

Social networks have enormous potential for companies. In order to take advantage of it, it is necessary to go beyond the basic functions provided. It is necessary to develop an accurate strategy accompanied by specific tools and functions. It allows achieving the desired objectives. So, the first thing to be followed in a modern design is a user experience. Only with qualified and comprehensive approach to the development of mobile app you receive cutting age social app ui design. Such an app will help you greatly. The secret is that you will understand it intuitively.

The very important moment is a concept of a mobile design in whole. To attract users and convince them to use a product create a unique, fresh and truly interesting product. Do marketing research to integrate into the design options. Don’t be afraid of doing innovative tricks. As practice shows, people are open to new impressions and experiences.

What options are the most important for a great social app design?

Let’s imagine that you already have your app developed but there is a feeling that you had missed some important detail. To prevent any unpleasant moments and forecast possible questions, the team of professional design agency Gapsy Studio has prepared a checklist. Here you will find options that could convert any social media UI design into a masterpiece:

  • High level of security. The user trusts their personal data. So, make them sure that there is no any chances to lose it. It’s the best way to establish the strong relationship with them. A guaranteed privacy and security are what should obligatory be included.
  • Easy integration to any other platform. Integration with such famous social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others will make the app more popular. It gives an opportunity to expand the potential users and increase traffic from search engines within a short space of time.
  • Push-notifications and updates news. Sometimes we miss some important events on our accounts. But when designing a social media app the creators must add notifications. In order to update the users with the latest information, changes, new photos, videos, and articles. Do not forget to like or dislike the posts, check on reviews, give feedback and leave comments.
  • Individualize profiles. An option of customization is last but not least in our list. Include as many options as possible, that will give a feeling of uniqueness. With profile customization keeps users interested in your product as they can express what they want with their profiles.
  • It’s for sure that your app may be interesting as for users of Android as for users of iOS. Of course, sometimes it’s quite hard to develop for both at once. But take this thing into account while developing and design for social media.

What unexpected benefits will you get with social network ui design?

Actions in these platforms can produce results much higher than expected. The users, consciously or unconsciously, share with their contacts the actions they perform or the information they consult. This produces a “viral effect” causing the information to spread exponentially. For this reason, an advertisement communicated to a person can end up being seen by thousands. And if this were not enough, the main social networks provide detailed statistics of the scope of the published information. So, it is possible to make accurate measurements.

Moreover, it’s a way to make collaboration with other companies and enterprises of your market, get profitable offers.

Is the cost high for social ui app design?

Gapsy Studio has an individual approach to every our client. The price forms due to many factors. From complexity to the uniqueness of decisions. Contact us and get the best solution for your app from professionals. We will create modern, usable ui design for your social app at the affordable cost.

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