Blockchain Website Design

Blockchain website design is nowadays mainstream. The terms cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, ICO, and blockchain are on everyone's lips. What do blockchain and bitcoin mean? Wikipedia says that blockchain is a list of blocks linked by using cryptography. In other words, it is data records. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency payment system in the form of secret digital codes. This system is decentralized. It means that any central bank or any other state authority controls it.

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The best design for blockchain website: what are the peculiarities of creation?

There are some general pieces of advice for those who are thinking about the necessity of a website.

  • Think first of all about the end-user. The products and services based on blockchain technology can be extensively complex. The designer’s task is to present it in the most simple way. Use more interaction patterns. While developing a blockchain web, keep in mind that not all end-users have a background knowledge, so use analogy and abstraction.
  • SEO. Do not forget about Search Engine Optimization. To take your site to the top in the search.
  • UI/UX Design. User-friendly interface is crucially important. For a lot of individuals is still quite difficult to buy cryptocurrency for the first time. That is why you need to consider the best blockchain UX design and blockchain UI design practices.

Tips for the best ICO website design

ICO stands for initial coin offering one of the main trends in the cryptocurrency technology. ICO is the best way for young entrepreneurs and startup raise money to make their idea, product, or service alive.

  1. If you are interested in the successful token sale, you need a simple and attractive website. At the same time, it needs to be powerful and effective to bring you the desired income. Like any other project, the ICO should be well-structured and well-organized.
  2. IC project information. Here you should convince investors that their money should be invested exactly in your project. Make your story short, yet impressive. Identify the milestones of the project, put some technical data, write down token sales terms, use infographics. Show your team. The investors want to see the individuals they are going to invest. Obviously, this is not obligatory. However, this is the best way to build trust relationships.
  3. Describe the coin concept and its benefits.
  4. Show the achieved progress. One more thing to builds trust relationships.
  5. Use social media. People check their social media accounts more often. This is a great tool to inform your users, update information, stay in touch with the investors, and get their feedback.

So, the best way to attract the investors is to invest into the professional ICO website design and order the professional team of designers than to use dozens of other means. Your ICO website will show that everything you do is professional from the website to the project itself.

What is necessary to create a great design for blockchain?

Blockchain design is challenging. In order to develop such a website, a developer should have an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. The blockchain designers need to:

  • have a working experience with Blockchain projects;
  • among the other general skills have the following knowledge of Java blockchain, Ethereum Bitcoin, data cryptographic protection facilities, P2P AWS, Amazon Web Services, ICOToken, Cryptocurrency;
  • know the principles of cryptocurrency exchange;
  • understand the Etherum and Bitcoin technologies.

Gapsy Studio – we know how to create an amazing design

Gapsy Studio is ready to help you to realize any your idea. The cost and price formation policy for the blockchain design services will be reasonable and the great design will bring investors. The cost you are going to pay to the designers’ team will bring you income and make your business idea come true. Choose a team with a deep understanding of the modern technologies to speak one language.

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