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It’s not necessary to remind how important it is to have a good hotel website design for any type of company in this niche. It is about his image in the virtual world and, consequently, in the eyes of possible clients.

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In the case of hotels, this importance is accentuated by the type of service they offer: budget, suite,  boutique, luxury, resorts and spa resorts, extended-stay and so on. The worst recommended thing is to start attacking users before booking a hotel room with complicated procedures.

To encourage visitors to make your website the direct sales channel, which offers great savings in paying commissions to other distribution channels, also promoting customer loyalty.

How to design a hotel website?

The tendencies are passing but the good look is always a trend. Make your visitors want to book a room. Show how pleasant is the atmosphere and what can you offer besides. Create such a delicious image that nobody could stand apart. Just consider that mobile search takes a bigger part, so design a website that is responsive and easy to use. One more advantage is that well-projected online resources have a higher position in search engine rankings. If your site is responsive and adapts to any device you get more traffic and bounce rate is lower. These are one of the main recommendations of the experts. Continue reading to find out much more!

The hotel website design tips to grow the business

The visual and aesthetic aspects influence on the trust and credibility that the hotel website offers the client. The structure of the website and usability are directly related to hotel reservations. The creative team of Gapsy Studio has extensive experience in this sector and reveals some secrets of cool hotel web design:

  • Online booking system. The tips that allow users checking the availability of rooms filtering by date ranges, make the direct booking, and process the payment online;
  • The calendar of availability. Users of the website can easily check the availability and rates of the different rooms of the hotel.
  • Virtual tours. Thanks to this incredible trick, the navigator will be able to visualize all the facilities and services provided by the hotel, through images and videos.
  • Photo gallery. It allows visualizing the images and comforts of each type of room. Images can be increased with a single click.
  • Event manager. Advertise your upcoming events on your website using the event manager that has been created for the occasion.
  • Google Maps. The Google Maps tip that comes with the page will show the exact geographic locations and easy way where new customers can find your hotel.
  • TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter. Social networks it’s a powerful tool for promotion. The time spent to popularize in these resources will bring unexpected results. With this, you will help the guests to connect with you.
  • Multi-language. The page must include translated into other languages, so the users can select. It’s important to include one or two international languages if you are planning to get foreign traffic.

Let’s convert lookers to bookers!

As the business environment is constantly changing Gapsy Studio always evolves the approach in creating a great hotel web design. For us it’s not just a measure to increase the brand name recognition of a hotel, it’s a powerful tool for enticing the clients and get more guests to a hotel. That’s why we involve experienced specialists who help to boost online booking and convert those who just was searching where to stay into the hotel guests.

So, if you are looking for a hotel web design company we will be glad to offer our services and give a profitable proposal. With extensive understanding and rich experience, we completely understand how to deliver a creative hotel website design, such design which will keep the site visitors interested and guide them to the hotel’s reception.

Unique image and sales increasing is what you receive with qualitative and modern webdesign. Our expert perfectly knows the effective ways to grow your business and attract new customers. Let us show that your site is able to bring more than you expect! Reach us via contacts on the site.

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