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Real estate website design is an important step in the development of the real estate business both on the Internet and outside. Real estate market is known to be a highly competitive market. Use a website as a universal tool to make a claim about your business, find the new clients and make more deals. Let's know more about how to do it.

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How to design a real estate website?

This is a core question. Ask yourself “What do I need a website for?”, “What kind of issues it has to solve?”. You need to clearly understand your targeted audience, their wishes, what kind of estate you are going to work with.

You are free to use a custom real estate web design or take templates. What’s the difference and how to choose? The templates are perfect for typical projects. Many users know how to use it and will quickly find the necessary information. It is perfect for routine tasks. The main disadvantage of the templates is that it quite possibly may look like a site of your direct competitors.

If you want to create your own successful brand that will show your value and differ from other companies, think about choosing a custom web design. Of course, in such case, the cost of the site will be higher, comparing to the templates web site. However, it is not just about price, it is about time either. The design of the custom site demands both financial and time resources.

The development of your real estate site has to given to the professionals in this field, to those who understand the challenge and ready to create something really impressive. Gapsy Studio is the professional team you need.

Real estate website design tips that really help

These tips will definitely make your website more individual and help you to increase the income of your company.

  1. The catalog. The catalog is important. The real estate website without catalog is ineffective. People visit your site to find and choose the estate they would like to buy or rent.
  2. Smart navigation. The best option is to have a general menu (company’s details, contact information) and searching menu.
  3. High-quality pictures. When people searching for a new apartment, they want to see all the details of their possible purchase.
  4. The correct information. Use clear and exhaustive information so your clients may reach you without problems. Specify only valid phone number, e-mail, Skype, etc.
  5. Real estate description. Provide your clients with all the information needed about a house or apartment.
  6. Usability. If you provide sales and lease services, divide the search into these two categories. Why? Almost all people coming to your site already know what they want to buy or rent. The mixed result of sales and rent proposes may confuse a future client. Give your client an opportunity to choose what he wants to do – to buy or to rent.
  7. Advanced Search Options. A lot of buyers know exactly what they want.
  8. User-friendly interface. It has to be easy for the investor to find the information.
  9. Geography. When choosing a real estate, the location of the object plays more than just an important role. Use popular cartographic services like GoogleMaps.
  10. Show your agents and brokers, tell about their work experience and most successful deals.
  11. A responsive website. What does it mean to be a responsive site? It means that your site looks equally great on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones. Is it so important? No doubt, it is. Mobile devices are the most popular for search purposes nowadays. So make a website mobile-friendly.
  12. Blogging. Yes, think about this and use it to make your site number one.

How much does a real estate web design cost?

The pricing depends on some cost factors and personal demands. Real estate web design services include:

  • content creation (photographs, videos, music, blog);
  • project management (manager-client communication, milestones and deadlines, ideas and answers to the client’s questions);
  • design architecture (colors, logos, buttons, etc);
  • web development;
  • further maintenance (technical support, monthly reports, CMS updates).

Summing up, it is easy to see that there is a lot of work to do. A team of dedicated professionals will be involved to create an outstanding and modern real estate website. For sure, the price won`t be low, however, the professional website will definitely bring you new satisfied clients, new sales or rentals, successfully closed deals, and, of course, an income. A website will work for you without the rest, even on holidays and weekends. The real estate website design companies will develop a modern site to satisfy all investor`s demand, while you can be fully focused on your business. A real estate website is worth investing.

Gapsy Studio is ready to assist you in this business. With a lot of successful real estate projects, we will offer you a great solution based on years of experience. Our experts select the most innovative ways to deliver the best results and attract new visitors. Contact us any time, we are to your service!

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