Branding Design Services

Gapsy Studio is a branding agency that specializes in helping businesses create, develop, and implement their branding initiatives. We take a strategic and holistic approach to branding, working with our clients to create a unique and differentiated brand identity that will resonate with their target audience.

Define Goals

Your brand identity is who you are as a company.

Gapsy determines the values ​​at the starting point of working on its brand.

It's needed in order to see in which direction the brand is developing and whether this vector is satisfactory. They don't have to be defined throughout the life of the brand. Goals and positioning can be changed during creative work, but have directives at the beginning of work. Before the designer works with branding, the designer already needs to determine the nature of the company and product (For example, the client can provide 4-5 keywords that describe their business or how they represent it at this stage of the company's development).


    Get your brand noticed with our help!

    Establishing the timing of the brand, setting the budget, and the method of evaluation.

    Drawing up blocks of work on the project. Example:
    • Client briefing
    • Block with design and timing
    • Block - studying the target audience, the market of competitors, creating a brand archetype
    • A block for creating a logo and tying it to the corporate identity, the beginning of drawing branded elements
    • Pattern drawing, style media design (business cards, presentations, fonts, brand colors,)
    • Presentation and formation of a brand book
    • Finishing the project with all media and desired style formats


    You are at the right place to develop a brand strategy.

    Studying the Brand, and collecting information.

    Determining the price segment and markets for a product or service - regional, national or international. Whether the brand is seasonal, how long it will be on the market. If the company has a slogan and some materials, our main task here is to analyze and understand whether they are suitable for the brand or whether there is a need to completely change them.At this stage, an analysis of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses is carried out. SWOT analysis is a planning method to help identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with project planning.

      Logo Design

      Gapsy will create a logo for every taste!

      Studying the brief, Drawing logo ideas, developing the logo color schemes.

      After the logo is worked out, color options for the brand are created, after which they can be applied to the logo and corporate identity media to show the client and discuss what he likes and what not. A selection of a font or a font pair for a brand based on the desires of the client, the target audience and the scope of the company, with which they should be associated.


        We will create the best archetype for you, ideal for your brand!

        Universal images, consisting of a set of recognizable traits and patterns of behavior.

        They are understandable for any person, because all the characters in books and TV shows are based on archetypes. When we use archetypes in branding, we create products that respond to the target audience on a subconscious level. Rendering is the final stage in the 3D computer graphics production pipeline With the help of the archetype, brands understand how it is necessary to interact with the target audience in order to get the maximum response.


          Let us make your patterns unique.

          The pattern is developed for universal use - on the website, in corporate identity media.

          Corporate style carriers are developed depending on the customer’s requirements. Beforehand we will find out all the necessary information for each carrier (for example, orientation - vertical or horizontal, phone numbers, name and QR code on a business card). Separate points (wishes, non-standard solutions) are discussed separately and in advance, before development. Corporate identity carriers are any branded items, such as a business card, letterhead, social media design, presentation template, contract, and much more.

            Brand Book

            The final and most important stage in the creation of any brand!

            An official document that sets out the visual style standards for your company.

             It describes the main values and features in the promotion and development of the brand. There are no two identical brandbooks. While some companies focus on design aspects, others create a more detailed document with an overview of the company and rules for interacting with customers and business partners.

              Do you have any questions? We tried to answer most of them!

              Want to know what our clients think about working with us?

              Blake Bell
              Mind Cleanse

              Gapsy has helped me immensely with perfecting my online presence. Through their expert guidance and creative input, I have been able to attract more clients and grow my business exponentially. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

              Heman Gomez
              Founder & CEO

              Gapsy has been a game-changer for my business. Their team is highly creative and always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and technologies. I'm thrilled with the results I've seen so far, and I know that working with Gapsy will continue to help me grow my business and reach my goals.

              Mohammed Almaghlouth
              Revival Lab
              Co-Founder & CEO

              They are simply the best at what they do. Their team has helped me to reach a whole new level of success with my business. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

              Idris Yunis

              As a client, I experienced a 50% reduction in the sign-up time for users on their platform due to our collaboration. Additionally, the revised pitch deck generated increased responses from investors. The team consistently delivered a smooth process by promptly addressing our needs.

              Joshua Lewis
              Yellowstone Local

              Due to Gapsy Studio’s contributions, our end friends, family, and customers provided enthusiastic feedback. The service provider displayed excellent responsiveness and delivered the project promptly. In the end, we were genuinely content with this partnership.

              Viktor Babkin

              Gapsy Studio successfully delivered the project within the agreed-upon timeframe, fully meeting the client's requirements. The vendor consistently demonstrated effective communication during our virtual meetings. In the end, the client expressed their satisfaction with the partnership.

              Yonatan Waxman

              The team's project management approach is highly commendable, and the client is genuinely impressed with all their deliverables. There are no identified areas for improvement. Everything in our collaboration was perfect and in-time. Overall, the project can be considered a resounding success.