Logo Design

Every creative brand development starts from company’s logo, which is a unique visual identity and representation of your company. Your logo design will make people instantly recognize it and associate it with your brand only. 

A professionally designed logo creates a powerful first impression about you and your brand. A well-designed logo might just be enough to hook your potential customers, as well as make it easier to build your brand image. 

A logo doesn’t have to be complicated, look at Nike or Apple, these brands have very simple, but recognizable logos that everyone knows. The perfect design concept with the appropriate color, font size and style might just be all you need to get an ideal logo.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a combination of all the visual elements that come together in order to represent your business or company anywhere and anytime. 

Brand identity is quite different from a brand image. Building a brand is more a strategic effort and every element of it must support the concept and overall goals of your business. To make a brand, that will be recognizable, one needs to analyze the company and the market they compete in, highlight their basic business goals, as well as find a proper target audience.

At Gapsy Studio, our professionals will give your business the exact image and reputation it needs in order to maintain a positive stand among other competitors. Our brand identity service includes logos, branded colours, typography and branded patterns.

Brand Strategy

For a business or company to create the right identity, name, image, and story, the right strategy must be employed. Employing the right strategy for your business or brand can help you improve customers’ loyalty and improve your customer retention ability. It helps your business become a magnet that attracts your desired audience and ideal clients. The right strategy makes you stand ahead of your competitors and remain relevant in the market while also making you fit enough to stand the test of time.

Our brand strategy process includes helping you design, map out, analyze and diligently following the right strategy that will improve your brand recognition, trust, and clearly position you as a leader in your industry.

Brand Naming

The last but not the least step that is needed to build a brand is choosing a brand name, as it plays vital role in a brand recognition. The right name must convey the vision and ideal position of a certain brand. A level of creativity and uniqueness must also be injected into the name to make it stand out and to make it give your business or company the right identity.

If you want to create your own brand, then you are in the right place. Gapsy Studio can help you with brand names that depict value and will leave a memorable impression on your potential clients, and it’s all possible via business branding services that we offer.

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