Talking about brand identity it should be said, that every strong brand needs its company logo, as well as creative illustrations on a company’s website. The task of a logo is to create a unique and recognizable image that will be associable with your brand’s name. The main task of a website illustrations, however, is communication. Communication with users and potential customers. Creative, qualitative and friendly illustrations might help in translating your thoughts and ideas to users. Graphic illustration design is a strong marketing tool, that might capture people’s attention, help in selling products and services, give high-qualitative visuals in order to.

Our highly-skilled graphic designers are able to give you unique and extraordinary illustrations that will promote your brand. We at Gapsy Studio don’t stop working until all of our customer’s needs are fulfilled and satisfied. If you’re looking to hire an illustrator then you are definitely in the right place. 

Illustration Design Process

SKETCH: There are numerous goals that can be achieved with custom illustrations and these goals provide the basis for the illustration design process. We don’t create designs by assuming what you may like, firstly, our designers create sketches that can influence on our customer’s feedback. After that, we take into consideration his/her thoughts, wishes and ideas and create another sketches, which after customer’s approval will lie in the basis of a future illustration.

It is a quick way to create the basic composition of any illustration and every design process starts exactly from making concepts.


ILLUSTRATION: A well created illustration will capture your audience’s attention in the most efficient way. They will see, and feel the message you’re trying to tell them. This and many more are what a good illustration can do for you and your business and your brand development.

At Gapsy Studio, we will do everything to understand the specific nature of your brand or business and will analyze the general message of the content. Hire professional illustrators from Gapsy and be sure that your ideas will be realized in the most creative and unique way.

Illustration Design Services:

ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION: Illustrations used in advertisement are usually aimed at the company’s targeted audience in order to capture their attention and show them new goods, services or special offers.

Our advertisement illustration services can help you in attracting more potential clients by using original and creative 

GAME ILLUSTRATION: one of the major aims of game illustration is to bring life into a simple sketches. It can be done via different animation programs that are able to create characters and other in-game models.

Gapsy Studio can help you in creating game illustrations that will improve your game characters and in-game models.

BOOK ILLUSTRATION: Book illustration tells a lot about the author and content of a book. The perfect book illustration not only makes a good visual impression, but helps future readers to have a better understanding of what this certain book is about. It helps author to have some sort of connection between him and his future readers.


PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION: Product illustration has established itself as an integral part of all aspects of design. A simple but appropriate product illustration supports the product without having to shout for attention. It should direct the eyes of a customer to the most important messages, printed on a product or its label.

Remember, that product illustration is one of the main points that may lead to the creation of a brand identity.

POSTER ILLUSTRATION: Poster illustrations are another great way to impress your target audience by using an eye-catching and informative design. A qualitative and well-designed poster illustration conveys your message in the simplest way possible.

At Gapsy Studio, our designers create not just poster illustrations, but a masterpiece. We will help you to convey the message and information you have to the audience, in the most creative, catching and interesting way possible.

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