Nowadays we have a huge variety of different mobile applications, some of them are made for entertaining and others are made for business. Several years ago, developers of mobile apps usually made so-called “mobile versions” of a website, but now it is more common and comfortable for users to have exactly a mobile app. Despite the fact that a mobile app could be extremely important  for your business, it is not enough to make an app only. The key role in having an app is its design, as the user experience (UX) of your app can leave a lasting impression about your business.

Our mobile design services include:

Mobile App UI Design

A user of a mobile app can either be interested in your application or be disappointed by it, and the user interface in particular. A great user interface design provides your users with engaging, interesting and easy to use design that appeals to them and satisfy them in order to keep them attached to your app. The perfect mobile UI design is an integration of good graphic design, app design and proper presentation.

If you want to rise above your competitors you need to find a proper mobile application design service, as well as experienced mobile app designers. 

At Gapsy Studio, we will help you in creating  an exceptional and unique mobile app UI design, that will be both stylish and simple in usage. You can find examples of our previous mobile app designs below.

Mobile App UX Design

Mobile UI and UX are strongly connected with each other and our mobile app designers understand their links as well as the differences, which will give your users the best experience. With thousand of competitors all over the world, the proper and unique UX provided in your app really matters. A user will only continue using your app if he enjoys using it and our mobile app design services can help you in this.

At Gapsy Studio, we can give your app an amazing and interactive mobile UX design. We do not just create a beautiful UI but also integrate both UI and UX to improve the user impressions. We always do everything possible to create such design for your app, that will help you to achieve your business goals and attract more customers.

Mobile App Prototyping

It is necessary to create a test model for the app in order to evaluate and examine how the app will work and look like. Prototyping helps you in understanding your future app’s pros and cons and gives you and your team an additional time to change and improve certain aspects of an app.

Our services include creating mockups and making test launches. At Gapsy Studio we create interactive prototypes that will help in clarifying the technical specification and possible user experience before the actual development of the app.


Most industries explore the power of mobile app design as brands all over the world want to create experiences that will appeal to the interest of their users and dominate their respective industries. 

The biggest benefits from having a great mobile app might have such industries like:

  • E-commerce
  • Real estate
  • Fashion
  • Hotel and restaurant business

Gapsy Studio is a leading digital agency that make designs that match different industries. Our high-skilled designers are ready to work with you on your project and ensure that your goals will be achieved.

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