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Gapsy Studio provides professional website development services that help businesses grow online. We specialize in building custom websites that are responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized to help you attract more visitors and convert them into customers.


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Development process should be an enjoyable and rewarding client's experience.

That's why we take a personalized approach to every project, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. The first step in any website development project is the brief. This is where we learn about your business, your goals and objectives, and what you want to achieve with your website. We'll also ask about your target audience, and any specific requirements you may have.

  • Writing technical specifications for the developer based on the design
  • Prescribing all CSS effects
  • Thinking through the logic of the appearance / transition between pages

HTML layout

Design. Develop. Deploy.

A website's layout is very important for the user experience.

A well-laid out website will be easy to navigate and use, while a poorly laid out website will be confusing and frustrating to use. The layout of a website should be carefully planned before any development begins. A few different stages are involved in creating a website's layout. The first stage is the wireframing stage. This is where the overall structure of the website is planned out. The wireframe will show where all the different elements of the website will be placed. This is where a more detailed version of the layout is created. The mockup will show how the website will look once it is completed.

  • Creating an HTML page
  • Subsequently, the creation of code that is viewed using a browser
  • Creation of standard pages (later as templates)


Gapsy Studio: The programming specialists.

Next, the finished HTML files are transferred to the programmer.

Website programming can be done from scratch and based on CMS - a content management system. Web developers often refer to a CMS as an "engine." The "CMS" itself is, in a sense, a complete site consisting of replaceable parts. The "programmer" - in this case, it would be correct to call him just a CMS specialist - must replace the standard template that came with the CMS with the original template. He must create this original template based on the original "web design". When programming the site, the specialist is assigned milestones.

    Testing (QA)

    Test until it’s perfect!

    This step ensures the website meets user expectations and performs correctly.

    It involves running tests on the code, design elements, functionality and usability to ensure everything works as expected. The goal of QA testing is to identify any issues before users experience them. The testing process can include a wide variety of checks: the appearance of the page with enlarged fonts, different sizes of the browser window, in the absence of a flash player, and many others. It also includes usability testing. Detected errors are sent for correction until they are corrected. When programming the site, the specialist is assigned milestones.


      At Gapsy Studio, we develop websites with passion, from the ground up.

      The site files are placed on the provider's (hosting) server and the necessary settings are made.

      At this stage, the site is still closed to visitors. After that, the site is filled with content - texts, images, files for download, and so on. Sometimes the texts are compiled by a studio specialist, sometimes the content is handled by a responsible person on the part of the customer. This is decided at the stage of drawing up a technical task. If the content is compiled by a representative of the studio, then this happens and is approved in parallel with other stages of the project. Each page contains text blocks, they can be typical (standard) and non-typical. Typically, a non-standard text block is located on the 404 page.

        SEO Optimization

        Your website is the foundation of your online presence.

        After your site is live, the next step is to start working on internal SEO optimization.

        This process involves improving your website’s structure and content so that search engines can easily index and rank your pages. Some things you can do to optimize your website include:

        • Improve your website’s navigation and organization
        • Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions
        • Create informative and keyword-rich content
        • Add alt tags to images
        • Improve your website’s load time
        • Create a sitemap and submit it to search engines
        • Promote your website on social media

        Do you have any questions? We tried to answer most of them!

        Want to know what our clients think about working with us?

        Blake Bell
        Mind Cleanse

        Gapsy has helped me immensely with perfecting my online presence. Through their expert guidance and creative input, I have been able to attract more clients and grow my business exponentially. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

        Heman Gomez
        Founder & CEO

        Gapsy has been a game-changer for my business. Their team is highly creative and always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and technologies. I'm thrilled with the results I've seen so far, and I know that working with Gapsy will continue to help me grow my business and reach my goals.

        Mohammed Almaghlouth
        Revival Lab
        Co-Founder & CEO

        They are simply the best at what they do. Their team has helped me to reach a whole new level of success with my business. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

        Idris Yunis

        As a client, I experienced a 50% reduction in the sign-up time for users on their platform due to our collaboration. Additionally, the revised pitch deck generated increased responses from investors. The team consistently delivered a smooth process by promptly addressing our needs.

        Joshua Lewis
        Yellowstone Local

        Due to Gapsy Studio’s contributions, our end friends, family, and customers provided enthusiastic feedback. The service provider displayed excellent responsiveness and delivered the project promptly. In the end, we were genuinely content with this partnership.

        Viktor Babkin

        Gapsy Studio successfully delivered the project within the agreed-upon timeframe, fully meeting the client's requirements. The vendor consistently demonstrated effective communication during our virtual meetings. In the end, the client expressed their satisfaction with the partnership.

        Yonatan Waxman

        The team's project management approach is highly commendable, and the client is genuinely impressed with all their deliverables. There are no identified areas for improvement. Everything in our collaboration was perfect and in-time. Overall, the project can be considered a resounding success.