The latest trends in Illustration design

Here, we will describe the most significant tendencies in the world of digital illustration

The art of illustration is a very interesting thing to investigate taking into account those amazing possibilities it gives. First of all is a great measure to impact your business. Secondly, it’s an important tool in marketing strategy. If created with exceptional talent and matching the time it will be a real masterpiece. But anyway some trends are very notable in the works of illustrators. Here, we will describe the most significant tendencies in the world of digital illustration.

The freedom of color mixing

The color always plays the leading part in a composition. Latest trends give a complete freedom for designers to incarnate their the most extravagant color fantasies. The gradients used in the works make them special, highlight details and open the bright individuality. We can say that it’s a kind of visual language. And the proper color or shade impact greatly on the sense.

Previously, colors weren’t used for attracting attention. Nevertheless, the trends are changing and now this is the top tool in the armory of graphic artists. Now the colors became more than just a part is a concept that contains its message.

Focus on a woman theme

Female empowerment is a key concept in digital illustration in 2018. The artists are trying to express their view on woman sexuality and role of woman in the modern world. Some, touch the themes of role changing in the nowadays society.

The concept of the absurd

With a surrealism, the concept of the world’s absurdity. These elements are very spread in the contemporary illustrations. Some artists incorporate the futuristic and subversive details into their works. The main purpose is to show how nice and ugly things coexist with every step.

Psychological aspects

As always, the first place in the works of digital artists belongs to the human feelings and inside processes. A lot of works are dedicated to such human problems as anxiety and a feeling of alienation. The art reflects this crisis of security and safety that presented in all spheres of our life. The sensations of fear, stress, and delusion are depicted with dark colors. Often, these illustrations look disturbing and ominous.

Retro style

The tendencies of the 1990’s are very obvious and gain popularity in the modern design. Pop cultures of those times now inspire designers to experiment with a combination of things that seem completely different beginning with shapes finishing colors and gradients. One more reason is a possibility to use attractive and a few unusual pictures to catch the views of customers.

The Japanese culture

The style of Japanese anime films is commonly used in the creation of the illustration content. The artists are focusing on drawings based on the anime-style. Moreover, the culture of the country of the rising sun brings a variety of elements into the world perception of the illustrators and inspires them to develop its motives.

The hand-drawn and digital styles

This tendency takes its position quite a long time but still is on top. In 2018 is one of the most powerful illustration tools. The blending of these two techniques is a great way to create an amazing image. We are sure that this is a way to surprise your users with creativity and out of standard frames. Moreover, it helps the designers comes up with illustrative letterings and types.

Any trend is reflecting the moves of the human mind as admits the preferences and makes emphases on the most common tendencies. We are sure that correctly built marketing strategy with implementation and balanced usage of the latest top tools will help you to develop your business and attract more visitors to the website.