Web Design & Development: oncoming trends and tendencies

If you are willing to create a pertinent layout of your web resource with more than enough conversion rate, its design takes the main part.

Nowadays, the one of the most promptly developing spheres of IT world is the web design. This field requires great dimensions and mixtures of knowledge in different areas of human activity as has an enormous impact on the site visitors. If you are willing to create a pertinent layout of your web resource with more than enough conversion rate, its design takes the main part. It may be applied to both use and visual acceptance.

That’s why a site design is developed in order to evoke fillings. To make a really high-quality catalog, it would be not enough just to download some nice pictures. The entire mockup used to be combined with some emotional background.

Uniqueness is a huge advantage

Well, the trends of nowadays have a kind of a visual mess but don’t forget to follow the general concept. Sometimes the beauty is hidden in a chaos. This move shouldn’t be accepted as a whimsey, but this is a good solution which fuels the user’s interest, as a practice has already shown. Moreover, while developing a new non-standard project you should try not to forget about a corporate style of a company.

The are some essential rules for using this feature. First of all, remember that the main information is placed on the left side of a screen. It is a principle of UX as we read from left to right, so your goal is to think it carefully performing your work without harming.

Using various geometrical objects – is the newest demand of the web design

It’s not a fresh tendency to utilize some geometric shapes while developing websites. But mixing them up is a really successful practice. Despite the fact that the majority of contemporary effects are recognized simultaneously, this simple solution is a quite rational decision.

Bright colors and unexpected combinations

A trend that never loses its own relevance is bright colors. It makes a website more compelling visually if combined with well done flat design. The usage of the gradient colors is also a great thing. The background of the webpage is always the main component which creates the first user’s impression.

One more interesting feature regarding the role of colors at a webpage is a using of vibrating or flickering colors. The designers often use these combinations since it is accessible for visually impaired people, anyway.

Simple flat design with the unique typography

Non-standard and new unique fonts are actually popular in the contemporary web design area. Especially, it goes without saying if it is about the mix of a flat design and unique font. Frequently, the most usual and well-known fonts can aggravate the website mockup and it can cause unexpectable visual perception by the users. In its review of this case, unconventionality is the main thing to keep the user’s attention which means that it’s possible to learn something new information that is promoting your product.

Design and development trends of 2019

There are the next trends to follow:

  1. Bright headings. This makes it possible to distinguish the key thing.
  2. Minimalism. Interfaces become more friendly as possible so that people can conveniently use the websites.
  3. The emptiness between objects that provides an attractive design which does not seem cluttered.
  4. Volumetric objects. You can create their correct hierarchy using the correct shapes and sizes.
  5. Animation. This feature allows to convey the main idea and focus the user’s attention on the key things.

It is essential to understand that the knowledge of trends is not enough. You should use it with the gained skills and vast experience to develop a high-quality mockup of the website.