You can’t avoid following these design trends in 2018!

To attract visitors and to make them return to your site it’s necessary to follow the latest techniques in design.

The world of technologies is vertiginous in its development and demands the same rhythm from designers who create the image of the product. Following the newest trends is what required from any web-resource. Nowadays, the first impression is enormously important.

So, teams of progressive designers and marketers are trying to develop the most attractive design and involving visitors on their websites. Every year trends are different, so let’s examine the most important tendencies in the design of 2018.

  1. Intensive gradients

If previously just some elements were executed with color gradients nowadays it is a top trend in web design. So, ultimately filters with gradients and pictures with shading-off colors are the best way to create interesting images. Be in the center with a loud, bright and unexpected color intermixtures.

  1. Background that moves

No, no it is not a full moving image but just a part of it. So-called “particle background” is an animation that doesn’t provoke problems with loading and seems as a natural component of the field. Well, the main goal of such an element is a creation of an unforgettable impression at the first sight. Right now motion graphics is over popular with social media and uses for making visitors do some actions.

  1. Cooperation

This approach is still on top even in a year. The core of this design trend is consistency between the website, mobile app and social media channels. It means that the design of these resources should be similar to using the same tones, visual effects, and messages. It makes a brand recognizable and increases its popularity.

  1. Active interaction

The users want to feel a feedback, know that their wishes are important. That’s why design becomes more and more personalized. And the way to do it is different forms to ask questions, polls, various kinds of games and quizzes. With this, the visitors feel like a part of something big.

  1. Videos are essential

Well, it’s a great tool to say a lot in a short time. With including a video message designers reach a possibility to show a product as they need. As the majority of people accepts information about the world with images, the video presentation is the best mean of communications with potential customers.

  1. Asymmetry is a must have

Designers love to experiment with asymmetrical layouts. Why not? It brings something new to familiar things and makes them more interesting. No templates, similarity, and ordinariness it’s boring. No fear to create something unconventional!

  1. Bold typography

Have you ever think about the impact of typography? As appeared it is a great visual tool. Among the main pros of a bold typography is an ability to evoke emotions and make the image more personal with a unique tone.

  1. UX is a center

There is no need to talk a lot about this trend. Users come to the site with the previous impressions, emotions and have some expectations. The design is devoted to meet the needs of users. So, as on the latest periods, this is a trend number one. If you know what your audience needs you are able to give the necessary material or service.

Of course, fashion and tendencies are changing very fast. Those trends of yesterday will no play tomorrow. To be on top, to attract visitors and to make them return to your site it’s necessary to follow the latest techniques in design. But the most important thing is to understand how to operate all the tools of an effective and attractive design. If you want to make your site up to date and gain in sales, visitors feel free to contact us. We know exactly what to do!