Gapsy Case Study: Elevating E-Commerce Success with Adsellr

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Adsellr case study

E-commerce is incredibly competitive, especially at the global level. Conquering this market can be daunting for businesses needing more marketing resources or experience. Adsellr is responsible for implementing an effective advertising campaign and does everything possible to make business owners open new prospects without hassle.

About Adsellr

The primary goal of Adsellr is to provide tools that enable outsourcing specific aspects of online business. Adsellr offers services tailored to address the unique challenges faced by e-commerce owners. Leveraging its own experience, the company understands the intricacies and demands of managing a successful e-commerce brand. With a keen awareness of the complexities of scaling an online business, Adsellr specializes in hyper-targeted assistance to streamline and facilitate effective online business expansion. 

Adsellr is rich in the services it provides to clients. Customers can use:

  • Pre-built Shopify store
  • User-generated content
  • Facebook ads management
  • Search engine optimization
  • CRO checklist

Adsellr allows you to embark on your e-commerce journey easily, thanks to its pre-built store - a comprehensive, ready-to-launch solution crafted to perfection, and tailored to meet the unique needs of today's digital entrepreneurs. Through collaboration with content creators, this platform grants businesses access to diverse tools, empowering them to optimize their presence on social media, attract increased traffic, and boost sales. 

With an intuitive interface and a comprehensive toolkit, Adseller streamlines the creation of visually appealing and high-performing online stores. Moreover, the platform offers guidance on maximizing campaign results by incorporating influential video ads and leveraging the impact of influencers.

Adsellr main points
main points of adsellr project

The Challenge

The project was challenging for our team as the client had an outdated website that needed a significant update and improvement of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). To achieve this goal, we had to conduct an in-depth analysis and research of the existing website. In the design creation process, we encountered the following technical challenges:

adsellr project challenges
challenges of developing adsellr
  • Complexity of Shopify integration. Grappling with the multifaceted nature of Shopify, we had to fast-track our learning and adapt our strategies to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance for our clients' online stores.
  • Amplifying product visibility. A significant challenge in the crowded e-commerce market has been devising innovative ways to cut through the noise, enhance visibility for our client's products, and connect them with a broader, more engaged audience.
  • Crafting high-impact video content. With social media algorithms constantly evolving, creating video advertisements that capture attention and drive conversions has been a significant challenge, pushing us to innovate and refine our content strategies continually.

Firstly, we thoroughly analyzed the old website version to identify its weaknesses and explored the reasons for low conversion. We completed a detailed audit of user interaction with the site and collected a large amount of data. Next, based on the received data, we developed a strategy to improve the UI and UX. We aimed to enhance the website's user-friendliness, attractiveness, and navigation. 

After implementing the suggested changes, we noticed improved site conversions and more satisfied users. Our project helped improve the website’s appearance and attract a new audience to the client, enhancing its position in e-commerce.

Gapsy’s Strategy

During our work on the e-commerce project, we developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy for success:

gapsy design strategy
our strategy for developing adsellr
  • Analysis and research. We started by analyzing the market and target audience to understand the needs and wants. This stage allowed us to identify the key factors influencing success in e-commerce.
  • Innovative design development. We improved the existing website with a modern and attractive design. The essential part was enhancing user interaction and creating an intuitive interface to ensure user comfort.
  • Marketing strategy. Our approach aimed at increasing the website’s traffic conversion. We used practical marketing tools and campaigns that attract the target audience and boost advertising effectiveness.
  • Interaction and support. We support and engage with customers to ensure their e-commerce success. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions and provide assistance.

Business Impact

Our mission is to provide the tools that allow you to outsource certain aspects of your online business. Our team has been heavily involved with e-commerce since 2017, which has been a pivotal factor in the early success of Adsellr. Aside from Adsellr, we also run multiple other e-commerce brands. 

adsellr's design business impact
gapsy's work result

By putting ourselves in our customers' shoes, we can curate services that solve specific problems for e-commerce business owners. Based on our first-hand knowledge, we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to run a successful e-commerce brand. Because we realize the challenges associated with scaling an online business, we can hyper-target our services and make it easier for you to scale your business efficiently. Post-launch, our collaboration with Adsellr achieved several accomplishments:

  • Improved conversion. We successfully enhanced the user journey, leading to a 20% increase in conversion rates. Our strategic design and optimization efforts have resulted in a smoother checkout process and more effective call-to-action elements, directly boosting sales and user engagement.
  • New clients. Our innovative approach and improved user experience have attracted a diverse range of new clients, resulting in a 30% growth in our client base. We've broadened our reach and established trust, showing the market that we are a top-tier choice for e-commerce digital marketing needs.
  • Increased site views. With an optimized layout and enriched content, we've seen a remarkable 50% increase in site views. Our website now not only retains attention but also encourages deeper exploration, showcasing Adsell's full array of services and successes.

Summing Up

Adseller facilitates business success by linking them with enthusiastic creators to craft compelling advertisements tailored for specific audiences. By employing imaginative promotions and precise campaigns, businesses can expand their outreach and enhance sales. The platform has played a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of numerous businesses globally, enabling them to optimize revenue. Those utilizing Adseller have experienced heightened website traffic, improved conversions, and increased sales, thanks to Gapsy’s design. 

As a result of our work, we have gained meaningful achievements in the e-commerce strategy implementation. We’ve designed a website that attracts the client's target audience and helps grow their business. We achieved high conversion and created conditions for successful interaction with advertising. Our work increases awareness and real client base growth, bringing positive results and growing e-business efficiency. 

We are ready to help you achieve similar success! Explore Gapsy’s main services and industries, and contact us for future collaboration. We are ready to provide innovative digital solutions!

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