Why UX Design Is Important For Healthcare Sector Products

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healthcare ux design

Every year, competition in the market grows. This encourages app designers to introduce new features and improve their products.

Healthcare apps are indispensable helpers for doctors and patients. What can cause failure?

Most healthcare apps are designed for specific people and people with features. The quality of UX design in healthcare apps should be your top priority to consider. It plays an essential role in the user’s perception of information. And especially in this field, more attention should be paid to UX design. It’s necessary to adjust to users with different capabilities during development.

So, Gapsy Studio wants to explore why healthcare UX design matters and its benefits.

Why does UX design matter in healthcare?

The development of electronic medicine has accelerated because of the pandemic. As a result, more and more apps appear to help keep track of a patient’s health. This led to the introduction of new features, such as artificial intelligence, to make the app more effective. But the challenge remains the same: how to create a functional and user-friendly user experience and incorporate sophisticated features.

Our Gapsy Studio discusses why UX design is important in healthcare?

Patients’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR)

UX healthcare app design
UX healthcare app design

The electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) are electronic patient data containing medical history and doctor’s instructions. The difference is that ERS includes complete information about a patient’s treatment and their condition and doesn’t tie to a single clinic. EMR is a treatment course that doesn’t go beyond one clinic.

The task of UX design here is to create favorable conditions for quick tracking of the patient’s health. The goal is to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate EHR/EMR so that the doctor focuses on the patient but not on how the system works.

Convenient features of the EHR/EMR could be accurate patient information, a timeline display of patient history, and a dictation feature that allows doctors to avoid distraction on documentation.

Simplifying outdated processes

UX design in healthcare that simplifies our life
UX design in healthcare that simplifies our life

Visiting a doctor is usually associated with a protracted registration process, line waiting, and walking from office to office. Unfortunately, this makes the overall process of treatment far from positive.

Therefore, online medicine is replacing the traditional trip to the hospital. Every year, people work to make life easier and more comfortable. The time has come for healthcare to become accessible to everyone.

Although the process sounds easy, you have to be very attentive to the details, especially to the user experience design in healthcare. It should be as comfortable as possible for all groups of people. Now, you don’t have to spend all day in a queue to make an appointment with a doctor or get a consultation; you just have to open the app. It takes time for people to accept these changes, so we must work on quality. Our Gapsy team is true professionals. We’ll help you create a competitively capable application and support you at every stage of development. Please take a look at all our services and ask for a consultation.

Accessibility through UX design

According to statistics, 15% of the people in the world are people with disabilities. Therefore, a healthcare UX designer should work on the accessibility of the app. Accessibility will also make your app more competitive.

Just like a hospital, the design includes ramps for wheelchairs. In the same way, when designing a healthcare app, you should think about people with disabilities. For example: translating the text into audio for people with visual impairments because there are 2.2 million worldwide.

Do you need a healthcare UX desiger?

Gapsy will be happy to help!

The benefits of a good UX design in healthcare apps

A well-functioning app can withstand competition in the marketplace. Unfortunately, according to statistics, 50% of healthcare apps have limited functionality. And 95% of such apps people viewed once and then didn’t use.

As we know, UX design also plays an essential role. It creates either a positive or negative user experience with the product. So let’s look at the benefits of good UX design.


Everything focuses on time. Rational use of time is the key to success. New technologies are developing, and old ones are improving—the field of medicine also reforms, and UX research in healthcare.

A good app and a good UX design save your time and the doctor’s time. All the data is in one app. And there is constant communication with your doctor. Also, there is no paperwork, as prescriptions and doctor’s recommendations are stored in your e-room.

Trustworthy attitude

The user experience in healthcare is an attitude toward the product. UX design gives us both the first impression and the impression of further use. This is the benefit of good UX design. If users easily navigate the app and don’t find design flaws that hamper their actions, then they will want to enter it again.

Therefore, UX research in healthcare is an important stage of app design. They provide insights into the user’s wants and needs.

Freedom of action

Moving freely and comfortably in the app is significant for every industry. But especially healthcare apps should have this feature. What do we mean?

Healthcare apps provide medical care, are a source of information, help keep medication, and provide other features that help take care of a user’s health. Therefore, accessibility in the first place. This directly applies to people with disabilities and the elderly. For example, a visually impaired person may not see the administration time or the amount of medication required. It leads to consequences. An older adult may not understand the navigation and don’t get the advice they require. When we conduct UX research in healthcare apps, we take into account all possible factors and try to make the app as comfortable and accessible as possible for everyone.

Instant help

constant connection doctor to the patient by perfect healthcare ux design
constant connection doctor to the patient by perfect healthcare ux design

Good UX design doesn’t always have a lot of different features. Good UX design is the orderliness of actions and immediate response to user requests. It can be equipped with artificial intelligence to make it more effective. It means that designing healthcare apps is a responsibility. Furthermore, it should be a fast and high-quality product so that if it’s necessary, the user can be quickly redirected to doctors. An example would be a watch that monitors your pulse and calls an ambulance if it isn’t there or if your pulse is too fast.

Summing Up

Medical apps are becoming indispensable assistants. They help to monitor health and keep in constant contact with a doctor.

UX design is the face of an application. It’s crucial for the user’s content perception t. A properly designed app is a human assistant.

Do you want to create a healthcare app that can compete in the marketplace? Contact us, and your every idea will be realized. Gapsy employs true professionals. Contact us, and our designers will go with you on every step of creating a high-quality UX. Check out the finished projects on Behance and Dribbble. And also take a look at the services we provide.

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