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If you already have a website or app, or if you’re just thinking about creating one, you probably want to attract an audience. But sometimes, a website doesn’t give the effect you expect. So it’s a good time to think about hiring a UX consultant. This person highlights strengths and weaknesses, improving the product’s usability and optimizing costs. Make the design as effective as possible and highlight all users’ “pain points.”

This article will analyze what a UX consultant makes during the product development lifecycle and what benefits he gives to your business.

What is a UX consultant?

UX consulting is a job that combines two branches: UX design and business analysis. As opposed to the designer who works on the site or app interface to make it easy to use and meet all users’ needs, the UX consultant focuses on the business aspects of design. For example, a company already has a website, but it doesn’t meet its expectations and brings the desired result and profit. So, the company hires a UX consultant who will make the product work logically and fruitfully for the business to remedy this situation and improve business metrics. In addition, a UX consultant helps find pitfalls in the interface of a particular company.

The main advantages of UX consulting
The main advantages of UX consulting 

You may also need UX consulting if you are in the product prototyping phase or need to do usability testing, as this also helps to identify issue areas in the design and fix them. In addition, some design studios provide UX consultants with audit apps and websites design services.

What does a UX consultant do?

A minor malfunction can take out the entire system. It’s the same with websites and apps. They cannot perform their direct functions. A UX consultant’s job is to find the issue and solve it. But to be more specific, we break down the essential areas of their work.

  • A UX consultant assists businesses in understanding customers and their requirements.

Companies can miss out on user research because of the project scope and time. Therefore, the UX consultant’s essential task is to discover what the company already knows about its customers and conduct suitably matched research.

  • UX consultants conduct website and app audits.

UX consultants conduct audits to achieve higher conversions and better user interaction with the product and identify the weakest areas in the interface design and problems that they can quickly correct to increase user engagement.

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  • UX consultants work with the product at the prototyping stage and conduct usability testing.

When you’ve performed audit and user research, a UX consultant can identify issues that require changes to the prototype to make corrections.

  • UX consultants build a roadmap of user interaction.

A UX consultant can build a roadmap to make the design more user-oriented. The issues that are most often highlighted there are:

  • What do users want?
  • What do users require?
  • Under what conditions do they interact with the product?
The main advantages of UX consulting
The main advantages of UX consulting 

We can divide the work of the UX consultant into four essential stages:

Stage 1

The first thing the UX consultant does is get together with the team leading the project to discuss all the details and requirements and the issue that has arisen and start looking for ways to solve it.

Stage 2

The next stage of UX consulting is user research. The consultant conducts surveys, tests, and interviews with users create personas and roadmaps. And then, based on the information, it’s determined how to improve the product.

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Stage 3

After conducting users research, the consultant changes the layout scheme and creates a site map. Finally, a UX consultant works directly with developers and team leaders to solve the problem efficiently.

Stage 4

In the last step, the UX consultant handles the company’s branding. He collaborates with the branding team and the development and design teams to ensure the product meets the brand in all resources.

Reasons to Hire a UX Consultant

There are three fundamental reasons a UX consultant would have the highest competence to help you solve an issue:

  • diagnostics of the existing project;
  • radical changes in the current product;
  • leading startups.
Main reasons to hire a UX consultant
Main reasons to hire a UX consultant

For example, when a customer wants to launch a startup and is excited about the idea, the UX consultant will describe the pros and cons and the real project prospects. Or when you need to focus on the business target audience. UX consultants will look from the outside with a professional eye, setting aside all your personal preferences. Another reason could be a change in external factors because of which the company has to improve its product. Finally, a UX consultant will draw up a strategy that effectively implements the recent changes.

Conduct user research to understand your target audience better

A business exists because of its customers. They are the essential consumers of services and the driving force behind which companies improve their services. For this reason, having expert knowledge of your target audience can elevate you among your competitors. But what do we mean by “know your customers”? Then answer these questions:

  • What do they like and dislike?
  • What do they think about your services?
  • What do they probably miss or want to change?
Main questions during user experience research
Main questions during user experience research

Getting to know your customers better is one reason to hire a UX consultant. Businesses try to save money, thinking they can handle it, but the user experience is the foundation of your business. According to statistics, investing one dollar in UX can bring you $100 in return.

Conduct usability testing

As studying the target audience is essential, usability testing is a reliable method of learning about their needs. It can even identify problems you haven’t thought of and improve your product. A UX consultant thinks through a rational plan of action to achieve results.

Develops the company’s strategy

UX design is an intelligently drawn-up strategy of action, where each of them handles a specific result. Therefore, the work of a UX consultant isn’t a change in design for the sake of the fact of changes. Instead, this is a strategy that adapts individually to each company and meets the needs and requirements of its customers.

Business strategy elements
Business strategy elements

Audit product

The purpose of audits is to increase conversions. A UX consultant evaluates the design of your app or website and reveals what design elements need to upgrade or changed. When conducting an audit, the consultant examines the product, from the building architecture to the user interface. And after the audit, he gives a ready list of required improvements.

Motivate and mentor employees

Working on a product is a team effort. Therefore, involving all employees in the process and being familiar with the overall strategy bring successful results. UX consultants inquire about desirable results and action plans that need to be achieved. This can be as general gatherings as motivational videos, presentations, and seminars.

Still thinking about digital product?

Our UX consultants are here to help you create the product that is useful, usable and desirable.


During the entire work under the project, a UX consultant creates a company strategy that is always unique, conducts extensive user research, and corrects errors that hinder practical work. If you understand that your business has a problem at any stage but you don’t know the cause, the UX consultant will help you solve it and give you a specific plan for further action. UX consultant services offer you professional support focused only on you. You can Contact Gapsy Studio to consult with a professional and take your business to the next level. You can see our projects on Dribbble, and the list of services we provide.

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