How Much Does the Explainer Video Design Cost?

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how much does it cost to make an explainer video

Animated explainer videos aren’t just run-of-the-mill content; it is a powerful marketing tool that can show any product or service in detail in a matter of seconds. These videos have been proven to increase conversions and sales in any online campaign, among many other marketing benefits.

But the process of creating explainer videos is quite complicated. A good marketing video isn’t magic at all; its hard work, starting from script creation, illustrations, sound effects; everything must be done at the highest level to achieve the best result.

Ever wondered exactly how to create explainer videos? Then, let’s do it step by step! And also, we will share our expertise in the field of such videos and how much explainer video cost Gapsy Studio. So, let’s open the curtain? Ready?

What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video, sometimes also called an animated video, is an informative video, usually no more than five minutes long, that describes what a company is doing or how a product works. This is not a training video but a marketing tool that allows users to understand how what they are looking for works in a few minutes. In explainer videos, it is preferable to pay attention to the user’s pain points and provide a video explanation of how a product or process can become a solution.

These videos are often posted on the home page or landing page, but they can also be shared on social media as advertisements or as part of crowdfunding campaigns. Explainer videos are considered an excellent marketing tool that can save businesses time and money. Plus, people prefer to watch something rather than read long articles. Therefore, the video is more exciting and concise than any other long text.

What Tasks Does the Explainer Video Solve?

  1. Clearly and visually presents to the viewer a large amount of information (unreadable in text form) and contains it in 1-2 minutes. Therefore, it is easier to look than to read and understand.
  2. Effectively and unobtrusively talks about complex technology, advantages, motivates to purchase a product. Explains visually what it is and how it works.
  3. Increases the conversion of the selling page. Again, with low landing page conversion numerous screens with text—no one looks at such long reads.
  4. Stands out from competitors and competitors using live videos if it is an animated explainer video.
  5. Simultaneously (in parallel) presents the product in several places at once.
  6. Saves time and effort of sales managers for negotiations with clients.

Which Explainer Video is Successful?

which explained video is successful
what is a successful explainer video

A good video tells a good story. On the one hand, this is an explanation, but on the other, this is the beginning of the viewer’s journey – to your brand. After watching it, the viewer should be interested, imbued with, and attend to. In general, do not remain indifferent.

Let’s see how our studio creates such videos.

Gapsy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make an Explainer Video

Before proceeding directly to creating an explainer video, we want you to look at our last project for which we made such a video. We made this video for our client as an advertising video on YouTube. This BigMama VPN is a service that protects the internet connection and online privacy. It creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots securely.

And now we are ready to tell you how to do this step by step for your business:

Step № 1 – Choosing a Video Style

Most explainer videos are created using motion design, but there are other ways and styles to make such a video. Before ordering a video for your product, you should think about which style is best for your business purposes.

Our studio is making an animated explainer video, but we can also make:

  • Live-action / Talking head
  • Screencast video
  • Whiteboard drawing

You can change this choice later, but it is helpful to know what type of video you are aiming for to keep the visual style in mind when you write your script.

Step № 2 – Writing a script

Before creating a video, we must have a clear statement of work from the client to understand his desires and requirements. There are two options for events – when a client comes to us with a ready-made technical specification; we immediately start creating an animated explainer video. Or if a client comes without a precise technical specification and understanding of how to make this kind of video correctly, we, together with him, with the help of leading questions, decide what the scenario of the future animation video will be.

how to write a script for explainer video
a script for explainer video

When building a script, the main thing is to determine:

  • What product or service will be presented to customers?
  • Who is it for?
  • What problem does the product or service solve?
  • How will the user problem be solved thanks to this product/service?
  • What does the user have to do to get started?

These questions make it possible to understand what the video should include, and, depending on this, you can understand how long such a video will last. Ideally, such a video should be no more than 1-2 minutes. By reading the answers to these questions aloud, you can understand how long it will take. To invest in this time, you need the information in the video to be clear about your product.

Step № 3 – Record audio track or select music

At this stage, you need to choose a voice that will explain the operation of your product or service, or if you do not need an audio track, decide what kind of background the video will have and whether it will be at all.

In the case of a voice-over, you need to choose a voice that will reflect the right attitude in your company to a product or service. It should be a pleasant and clear voice.

how to choose the music for explainer video
audio track or music for an explainer video

Once you’ve chosen your voice talent, use a recording studio or a very quiet place, a high-quality microphone, and recording software to record the script. One of the audio recording options is Adobe Audition. Audacity is another excellent choice that quickly gets the job done if you prefer a free alternative.

After the video is ready, you can save it and transfer it to designers, later overlay it on the animated explainer video.

Step № 4 – Create a storyboard

After the soundtrack is ready, our studio draws screens and storyboards for a second of each video element. Storyboarding is an integral part of animation production and should not be abandoned. This process, along with scriptwriting, is an integral part of working on any visual work. The primary purpose of storyboards is to render frames prior to production. In addition, storyboarding is a chance to study the footage in advance to gauge its success. Thus, our designers are constantly combining ideas and improving the script. After the storyboard is ready, we provide it to the customer for verification; we redo and remove the bugs in case of inconsistencies. If everything is done abruptly, proceed to the next step.

Step № 5 – Assembling the finished video. After effects

After the storyboard is approved, our designers assemble the finished video and overlay the audio track or music. Finally, we create a draft of the finished video entirely in the editor, after which we transfer it to the customer again. After all the edits and improvements, we get a finished video, which is completely ready for publication and conversion funnel.

How much will it cost for you to make an explainer video at Gapsy Studio?

Our clients can order from us the creation of an animated explainer video of any complexity and volume. This process, although interesting, is at the same time complex and time-consuming, which professionals with experience can only perform. Animation videos can be created using:

  • 2D animations;
  • 3D animations;
  • Infographic.

Using 2D animation technology, you can create scenes with characters—”heroes.” Because all the elements in the frame are broken down into stages, such a video will keep the target audience’s attention much longer.

The use of more technically complex 3D animation allows you to create volumetric videos in a three-dimensional image with other technical nuances. However, the production of such rollers, in contrast to 2D, takes much more time.

Infographics are suitable for animation clips containing various information (description of services, services). Combining infographics with video, you get convincing content containing numerical indicators thematic theses.

There is no exact answer to how much it will cost to make an explainer video. It all depends on many factors: your business requirements for the explainer video, the amount of video time, the complexity of the animation, and many other individual factors. Every second of the explainer video will cost $30 rate per hour in our studio. One second of such a video takes approximately 2-3 hours of our designer’s work, but this does not include illustrations. It will take more time to do more rendering for the explainer video.

An individual approach to each client will allow our team specialists to offer the most profitable options for animated explainer videos, considering all your preferences.

The closing words

An animated explainer video is a great way to tell any story and even play on the feelings of your potential customers to increase engagement. In addition, animated films are easier to read and attract more attention than regular videos. As a result, viewers tend to comment and share more readily.

Ready to create your video to boost conversions? Then fill out the form, and our managers will contact you for further discussion. We look forward to new challenges to meet your business needs!

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