What is Website Design

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what is web designing

Website design is a set of all graphic elements on a web page designed with specific content. Web design is not only a visual identity but also the convenience of use.

The main task of design – to acquaint the user with the page. It facilitates the user’s interaction with the web page and thus has a positive impact on conversion and behavioral factors. Thoughtful design creates the right impression of the company.

what is web designing
what is website design

Site – is a marketing tool and representation of the company online. The client who gets on the page should easily and quickly find the right information. Otherwise, he just goes to competitors.

The web design determines everything about your website, such as content, how it works, and its looks. In general, web design is planning, conceptualizing, and building files that define colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and interactive features that your visitors will use and see. Professional website design can help you to make your business more popular and profitable. A combination of all the information blocks and creating a pleasant impression on the visitor is one of the leading website design tasks. The website creates the first impression of your site and helps visitors understand what awaits them. Properly made web site design is one of the most critical factors determining the traffic to your web page.

Good visual design, exclusivity, and originality and compliance of the site with technical requirements are basic web design principles and keys for its success.

Why website design is important

According to a Google study, it only takes 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for visitors to form a first impression of your website. That’s why it is so essential to make the website design attractive and interesting to the user. Indeed, if a visitor does not like something from the first seconds and if nothing hooks him, then the probability that he will not read and browse this site is very high. Your business’s website design impacts your customer experience, lead generation, and ultimately, your bottom line. Web design elements should be attractive, but not intrusive, not catchy. Users come to the site for information. So one of the main goals of web design is to emphasize this information.

Website design goals

To understand why do you need a website, you should answer these questions:

  • What is the website dedicated to?
  • What tasks should it solve?
  • How do you plan to promote the website?
  • What structure should a website have?
  • Which content is planned to be placed there?

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Different types of website design

You should decide what this website will be like before embarking on the web design process. There are a lot of types of websites in website design scope, but most often these types of websites are distinguished: landing pages, corporate, online stores websites, blog, portfolio, SaaS.

Let’s see how each of these types differ and what advantages they have.


It’s a one-page site whose purpose is to quickly and efficiently sell a product or service. As a rule, landing pages are distinguished by their bright design and the presence of one or more blocks in which the user is invited to leave their contacts for communication.

Here are some advantages of landing pages:

  1. Concrete offer – selling pages completely concentrate the user’s attention on the company’s offer and smoothly but persistently lead him to place an order or perform another action.
  2. Simplicity – selling pages have a relatively simple structure, so here, the user will definitely not get confused in the site’s links and structure.
  3. Low price compared to multi-page sites.
  4. The site’s lightweight – the client, will not run away from you to competitors while waiting for the page to load.
  5. Quick creation. Compared to multi-page sites, high-quality landing pages are created quickly – from 1 day to launch a landing page according to the template to 5 days for development and filling from scratch.
landing web design example
travel app landing

Corporate website

This is a site that broadly represents a company on the Internet. Having visited the site of any company, you will see a description of the company there, a list of their services, their advantages, etc. The complexity of corporate sites can be very different; it all depends on the customer’s requirements and the size of the business.

Features of a corporate site are that it should have a logo, corporate patterns that will be memorable, and a person in the future will know for sure that this is your company and have not forgotten about your site. It should contain a separate page about the company, with company description, promotions, and advantages; such a page always helps a potential client know the company a little better and learn more information about it. Also, corporate sites should contain customer support if he urgently needs to ask any question or for help.

corporate website design types
corporate web design

Online store

These sites are familiar to each of you: AliExpress, Amazon, Taobao, and dozens of other similar sites. The main challenge to the designer here is the amount of information and goods and the design of the order page.

Thee online store’s website design must comply with the AIDA system, that is, a model of consumer behavior that describes the sequence of events leading to the purchase decision: attention → interest → needs → action.

Online store website design has its own characteristics. Headers should always have a logo, site search, contacts, and a call back to contact the store. The central part of the site has a list of goods. The promo block should be immediately visible as a horizontal or vertical slider. People always look at sites from left to the right side, so the location of goods because of this is special on such sites. That’s why the hottest offers and the most popular goods are always in the left part of the site. The product map must contain a photo, price, buy button, product description, rating, and characteristics.

Goods basket design also has its own particularities – everything should be as concise and straightforward as possible. The selected product’s price should be shown at once, taking into account discounts, if any, exist.

online stores example of website design types
store web design example


This is a website with regularly updated posts containing text, images, or multimedia. A blog can be either as a separate site or an additional feature of any other site. It is prevalent to have a blog nowadays, so significant brands and businesses have their own blog on their sites.

The main blog specificity is that it should be easy to read, so you need to work on the text (it should be informative and readable, without too much redundant information. The text should be in the correct font, size and spacing).

Blog navigation should be clear and convenient. There should be filters to help sort the sidebar. Calls to action should draw attention, but not interfere with reading the text. It is also important to pay attention to the pictures and design elements, but they also should not be too intrusive and distracting.

blogs as an example of types of web page design
blogs web design sample


Portfolio site is a small presentation of an individual person or team which shows his talents in a certain field. A creatively executed project designed to reflect the entire experience of a specialist and to show his skill. The main element is the work performed. A designer, photographer, artist, webmaster, can reflect their own work in such a portfolio.

The portfolio usually indicates personal data, links to social networks and necessarily customer reviews, so that a person sees the responses of other users. Portfolio can also be divided into blocks by category for convenience.

The main portfolio features are:

  • should draw attention
  • contain the best works
  • it should be easy to navigate and convenient for potential clients
different types of website design
portfolio web design


SaaS (Software as a service) is such a form of the site, or rather, the cloud service model, when subscribers have access to ready-made software and use it by subscription, which is fully serviced by the provider. The user manages the application, providing access to customers through a mobile application or web browser. The most famous example of saas is Google docs. You are provided with online storage of documents that you can share with other users.

Saas Features:

  • should contain a good headline that indicates the problem and the solution that this site solves and provides
  • should be curious
  • should talk about the product in simple words and understandable language and show how unique this product is
  • must contain a roadmap, where the path of formation and development prospects will be shown
  • for saas it is necessary to create a convenient login for the user. And also, the user must learn to use the site in the course of simple actions, and not through instructions
saas website example as types of web designing
saas web design

Summing up

Despite such a huge number of websites and applications in the modern world, new products are continuously released every day. Some will certainly be crowned with success, and some remain useless. The main thing is to study this topic thoroughly and understand why web design is important for business and how to create it correctly.

If you want to learn how to create a functional and visually attractive website, then we suggest you read our step-by-step article on how to create a website design.

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