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Project Objectives

The main objective of the Artsme project is to create an IT platform that enables artists to promote and sell their work quickly. The platform aims to provide an easy-to-use interface for artists to upload and share their artwork and for potential buyers to view and purchase it. Through this platform, we aim to help stimulate the economy of creative industries by providing a direct connection between artists and buyers. Additionally, we want to ensure that artists can easily accept payments for their artwork without worrying about complicated billing processes. In this way, we hope to make it easier for both the creators and consumers of art to benefit from the Artsme platform. We also strive to provide a secure and reliable service that respects the privacy of all users. Lastly, we aim to ensure that the Artsme platform is constantly improving with new features and updates to meet the needs of our users best.

Project Goals

The goal of Artsme is to create an online marketplace that allows artists and creators to showcase their work for sale and a platform where buyers can easily find and purchase artwork. The platform will also provide tools for artists to promote and market their work effectively. Additionally, the project aims to provide a secure payment system so artists can receive payments for their work quickly and easily. The platform will also allow users to purchase artwork from various sources, such as exhibitions, private collections, galleries, and more. Finally, Artsme will strive to create a vibrant community of artists and buyers who interact with each other through the platform.

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The results

The successful completion of the Artsme project has yielded remarkable results. Artists can now showcase their work and reach out to potential buyers globally. In addition, they can promote their work with a personal page on the Artsme website and generate more sales through cashless payment using Artsme billing. The platform also allows artists to submit their artwork for sale and receive feedback from other users.

Design Process

The design process of Artsme project was a complex one. It involved technical and creative elements to ensure the platform could be used by artists to exhibit, promote and sell their works. The first step towards designing Artsme was gathering requirements from the stakeholders: artists, buyers, and the Artsme team. This step helped identify what must be included within the platform to provide a suitable service for all parties involved. The platform's development began with a thorough analysis of different technologies and architectural frameworks to ensure that the system could handle large amounts of data and satisfy users’ needs. After finding the appropriate framework, a prototype was created to test usability and scalability. This prototype was constantly revised based on user feedback and new innovative ideas. The final step towards completing Artsme’s design process was optimizing the user experience. This involved creating a user-friendly interface, introducing cashless payments through Artsme billing, and providing an efficient search engine for discovering new artwork.

A World Of Art, All In One Place - Welcome To Artsme!


The main page of the Artsme platform has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for both artists and buyers alike. It showcases featured artwork, upcoming exhibitions, and other special announcements.
Discover the Art of Life with Artsme!


The catalogue screen of Artsme project is designed to enable the smooth viewing and purchase of artwork by potential buyers. This feature allows buyers to easily search and view artwork designs from a variety of artists, in a visually appealing way.
Shop Smarter with Artsme - Shop Anywhere, Anytime!

Product Card

The product card screen in the Artsme project provides an effective way for artists to showcase their artwork. This page contains all the necessary information about the artwork including an image, description, price and artist information. It also allows potential buyers to leave comments or ask questions about the work.
Track Your Orders Easily & Accurately

Order Tracking

The order tracking screen of Artsme is an important part of the platform, allowing users to keep track of their orders and payments. It can be accessed from the user's personal page and provides an overview of all orders placed on the platform.
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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

The Artsme project was successfully completed, and the result is an internet platform that allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork. It also provides a personal page on the Artsme website for artists to promote their work to a wide audience. Additionally, works exhibited at exhibitions can be sold via a cashless payment system called Artsme billing.

Review and Result

Gapsy Studio successfully delivered the project within the agreed-upon timeframe, fully meeting the client's requirements. The vendor consistently demonstrated effective communication during our virtual meetings. In the end, the client expressed their satisfaction with the partnership.

Viktor Babkin
Co-Founder at Artsme
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