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About the project

Project IRL is a revolutionary messaging app that puts the emphasis on connecting people through group chats based on shared interests. Unlike other messaging apps, Project IRL allows users to search for available group chats and join conversations with like-minded individuals from around the world. In order to ensure that potential users are aware of this unique feature, we created engaging landing pages and accompanying marketing materials to promote Project IRL's group chat capabilities. By leveraging the latest design techniques, we helped make it easy for users to discover new conversations and connect with people who share similar interests.

For those looking to make meaningful connections, Project IRL is the perfect solution. With its innovative approach to group conversations, you can easily find people who share your passions and engage in meaningful conversations. Try it out today — download Project IRL and experience the power of connecting with others through shared interests!

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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

The results of the IRL project have been incredible. Through the use of our landing pages, we managed to get more people interested in their group chats and increase the number of active users. We also designed various marketing materials that helped them reach a wider audience. This resulted in an increase in engagement and a boost in revenue for IRL.

Design Your Landing Page WIth Ease!

Landing Page Designs

The IRL project has seen great success thanks to its landing page designs. The pages are simple and easy to navigate, yet provide users with all the information they need in order to join their favorite interest-based chat groups. By adding visuals, hover effects, and highlighting key features, these pages create an interactive experience that draws users in. Additionally, the landing pages also feature creative illustrations and animations that add an extra layer of personality to the page. With both a desktop and mobile version available, users can quickly join their desired groups on any platform.

Build Your Memes Any Time!

Memix website design

Memix is a sister product of IRL, it's a meme builder. At first it was one of the functions in the chat, then they made a separate application for it, we designed the landing page and web version of the constructor for this application, again in accordance with their corporate style.
Here are our Project Screen in the App Store

App Store Screenshots

Gapsy Studio made a design for IRL screenshots in the app store and play market. There were several concepts corresponding to their style and message, we adapted the chosen concept to different formats and devices in accordance with the requirements of the app store and play market.
Social Networks Sharing

Marketing materials

Digital marketing is a general category here. We made various materials for them for social networks (design of some posts/highlights in stories/backgrounds for stories in a unified style, etc.) and also covers and pictures accompanying articles about them in various online publications, banners, etc.

Share the Brand!

Brand guidelines

As part of the IRL project, a set of carefully developed brand guidelines were created to ensure that all marketing materials and initiatives accurately depict the IRL messaging app. The goal was to create a unified look and feel across all channels. These guidelines addressed aspects such as logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery style, and more. Through the implementation of these guidelines, the IRL project was able to create a strong, consistent presence in both online and offline channels. Furthermore, the brand guidelines set the foundation for any future marketing initiatives that could be undertaken by IRL.

Promoting the Logo!


IRL is a messaging app with an emphasis on creating and connecting people through group chats based on shared interests. We have created an innovative branding strategy for the project to help it stand out from the competition. Our approach combines traditional design elements such as colors, typography, icons and illustrations with modern digital trends and technologies to create an engaging and unique visual identity. We have created a series of custom landing pages to promote the group chats, each designed to maximize engagement and encourage users to join in on the conversation. Additionally, we have designed various marketing materials such as banners, posters and email campaigns to help spread awareness of IRL’s messaging capabilities.

Renew Templates

Presentation Deck

Presentation templates - we updated their presentation style and made a series of presentations for partners and investors in this style.

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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

The IRL project yielded amazing results! By creating group chats based on interests, the app was able to tap into a previously untapped user base. On top of that, the landing pages and marketing materials we designed increased brand awareness and helped convert users to active participants.

Review and Result

The Gapsy team executed OURA’s creative direction and brand strategy with passion and tenacity. Typically, when you launch a new website, conversion numbers dip a little. For OURA, it was the exact opposite - numbers increased.

Abdul Ovaice
Creative Director at IRL
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