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Agricultural craft is one of the oldest industrial activities. For centuries, people have been practicing and developing this field to obtain the necessary foodstuffs. However, development doesn’t stand still, and technology is entering the agricultural sphere. Mobile apps help farmers keep track of critical agrarian processes, which significantly facilitates production and cultivation. Even though the needs of humanity are increasing every year, the resources of the planet remain unchanged. According to a UN report, by 2050, 70% more food will have to be produced to feed the world’s entire population than is currently being produced. That is why the agricultural sector is getting equipped with modern technology and digitalization. This will help better plan and monitor yields to achieve maximum results on the same hectare of land. Nowadays, agriculture app design is undergoing automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming to the rescue to monitor production processes.

In this article, we’ll look at the challenges you can face while developing these apps. And also, Gapsy studio will give some tips on agriculture app UI design, which will complement and make the apps easier to use.

What should you know about agriculture?

What is agriculture app?
what is agriculture app?

First, let’s understand what is “smart agriculture app design”? In the modern world, all processes are being automated to increase productivity. But what can be robotized in agriculture? And what are mobile apps for in this field?

Agriculture is a work that humans have always done, but machines are coming to the rescue in the world of technology.

They are replacing humans in many ways. The simplest examples are:

  • Drones fly over fields to check crops.
  • Automatic irrigation of fields.
  • Tilling and fertilizing the land and harvesters without a driver, by remote control.

The agricultural industry is one of the fastest-growing areas. According to the statistics, there is a rapid growth in value, $15 million by 2025, for various smart agricultural devices. All of these processes are managed through mobile apps and programs. This makes human labor much easier and increases the efficiency and quality of production.

Agriculture field statistic
Agriculture field statistic

Agricultural Apps Design Trends

The top trend in the development of technology in agriculture app design is the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) — the interaction and exchange of information between different devices and machines over the Internet. The advent of IoT will increase the development of the agricultural industry. Machines have replaced many processes. Precision farming — growing crops in response to changes in the environment — has become more accessible. This is helping to increase yields. But it’s also a challenge for the industry. IoT is quite difficult to develop and quite costly. There is a need for special, advanced machines that can support the IoT. That’s why the digitalization of agriculture requires time and money to develop.

IoT in agriculture app design
IoT in agriculture app design

But what are the benefits of the digitalization of the agricultural sector? Besides increasing yields, it’ll be possible to remote control such processes as controlling agricultural machinery: machines can be ground-based, cultivating the soil and harvesting crops. But also flying ones, which will be equipped with special sensors to monitor the state of the harvest and the ability to process fields with fertilizers in flight. Based on the collected data, it’ll be possible to make a 3D map of the areas, track soil quality, crop quality, and calculate the fertilizers.

But the main idea isn’t to completely replace the agronomist, but to help them grow.

Types of Agriculture Apps

Let’s inspect what kinds of agriculture apps exist and what benefits they bring.

First, let’s divide the agricultural field into branches because each of them requires a different approach.

Mobile app design can be created for:

  • For small-scale farming and individual farmers;
  • For large agricultural industry;
  • For manufacturers of farm machinery and other equipment, and distributors;
  • For IoT system.

Weather Tracking Apps

weather tracking app design
weather tracking app design

The yield and preservation of the resulting products are directly dependent on weather conditions. Therefore, the essence of the apps is to warn farmers about weather changes in advance to save seeds from rain or scorching sun.

GPS navigation apps

GPS navigation agriculture app design
GPS navigation agriculture app design

If we’re talking about large-scale agriculture production, there will be a lot of land to maintain. With GPS tracking, the farmer will have access to all the fields, and they won’t need to run between them; just monitor them remotely constantly.

Plant tracking apps

plant tracking agriculture mobile app design
plant tracking agriculture mobile app design

Crops can be affected by diseases. With such applications, the farmers can get the necessary analysis and information and the opportunity to consult with a specialist.

Mobile apps that help you keep track of your crops

grow crops with agriculture apps
grow crops with agriculture apps

This type of application will help farmers keep their crops on schedule. Soil and water quality data will also be available. The application will also help calculate the irrigation required depending on the season, type of plant, climate, and other factors.

IoT mobile apps

smart agriculture devices
smart agriculture devices

This application is necessary to connect agricultural machinery, drones, and other essential equipment and manage them remotely.

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TOP Tips on Agriculture App Design

Let’s discuss the essential criteria and features that a favorable agriculture mobile app design should contain.

Design your agriculture app lightweight

Farmers don’t always have access to high-speed Internet. So don’t overload your app so that it can load quickly even with a poor connection.

Use pictures and graphics rather than text

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster. It’s also worth considering that the target audience of agricultural apps is more focused on the perception of visual information than reading ​​extended text. So, convert your content into informative pictures and videos material. But don’t forget that the apps should be lightweight to download quickly.

Don’t complicate

Don’t overload your agriculture app design with features. Set one goal and make it as simple as possible. The future user shouldn’t understand the navigation and confusing design.

Choose app colour palette carefully

Think globally during the work on the agriculture app UI design. Take into account that the target audience of your product is farmers. That means the app will be used in an open area, for example, fields. Take care that the design doesn’t merge with the environment. Give it contrast for better readability. Just look how beautiful one of our agricultural app design for MyLagro project looks like. We selected pleasant colors that convey the essence of such an application and emphasize the right moments.


Read more about how to choose the correct UI color for your product in our blog.

Typography in agriculture app design

Select a font that is visually receptive. Don’t forget to adapt your app for different languages so that each user feels comfortable. Make sure that the font you choose is equally readable in other languages.

Learn what typography is in our blog.

Integrate design with other apps

Research your target audience to understand what other apps they use most often. Then, integrate agriculture app design with other well-known brands. This will improve usability.


Add push notifications function to inform the users about all processes and changes. This is especially important in the agriculture mobile app design because the farmer has to keep track of many techniques, and such notifications will be a good safety net.


The agricultural industry is one of the most significant in the world. It supplies people with the food they need. But, in turn, it requires a great deal of effort and work. Like other areas of life, agribusiness doesn’t standstill. It’s also in the process of digitalization. Technologies are being introduced that facilitate the creation of farmers and affect the quality of production. Applications are being created for farmers to keep track of their crops, fields, and records.

Contact us because we aren’t afraid of new things, and we know how to help you design an agriculture app. Check out the finished projects on Behance and Dribbble. And also take a look at the services we provide.

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