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Being involved in a car business means presenting your product at its best. Having a visibly-pleasing website means making this job much more manageable. Clients nowadays tend to check out products online before purchasing, so creating a convenient car dealer website design plays an important role.

Your potential customers want to get desired vehicle information as quickly as possible, and the key is qualitative UI/UX design. Start investing in good and user-friendly web design for your services to win clients’ attention. This article will cover all the main points about the importance of promoting your product with the help of a great website.

Why Does Your Business Need to Have an Excellent Car Dealer Website Design?

To earn the trust of your future client, you need to present your product in the best way possible. The qualitative auto dealer website design will solve this problem. You will gain customers’ attention quicker by making an excellent first impression.

The market is competitive, so you must make your website stand out. Almost 75% of users are assured that a website’s design is the number 1 factor determining a business’s credibility. A great website must be accessible, functional, and creative. Having a page online, without doubt, has its benefits – your services will cover a much bigger audience, and people can have an opportunity to choose and buy a car regardless of their location.

Have a look at some statistics that show the importance of website design for car dealers:

  • 75% of consumers will judge a brand’s credibility based on its website design. Try to catch the future client’s attention from the very beginning
  • Almost 40% of users will leave the website because of the outdated design. Investing in a modern and simple website design will draw much more potential vehicle buyers
  • 50% of shoppers believe a website is essential for a business’s general brand representation. People will trust you more, and you should prioritize website design to build your identity
  • 76% of buyers make a search run to choose from. Create an SEO-friendly website design to make customers choose only one – yours.

But remember that to make clients stay on your website, you need to customize it to their needs. Before creating one, learn customers’ preferences and expectations. To make the job easier, read more about some features and mistakes to avoid.

Critical Features For a Successful Car Dealer Website Design

From the statistics above, a splendid auto dealership web design plays a significant role in a client’s impression of the company. Common UX patterns help users navigate the website. Web design directly affects these aspects.

Let’s talk about some beneficial features that you should include

1) Make useful information easy-reached

You don’t want your possible clients to spend a lot of time guessing where to find all of the vital information. Your task is to collect everything on the surface to help users get the desired stuff. Easy and understandable navigation is crucial for your success.

2) Do not overload pages

Let’s remember that less is more. Use an elegant, user-friendly design, lay out only the critical information, and do not stuff pages with endless descriptions or offers. This may be intrusive, and some people won’t take it seriously. However, every car dealer wants their customer to keep engaging with the content. Think details through and analyze the client’s needs and make everything comfortable.

3) Put all the relevant information

There are some obvious things that every website visitor wants to see. Make sure that you put in the address, opening hours, and all the contact details, so people could instantly connect with you.

But here is the list of great features that would make your website stand out with the help of a professional design team.

Price Calculator

car dealer website design price calculator
add a price calculator to the design

Most people turn to auto loans during a vehicle purchase. Instead of the client doing the extra step of going to another online calculator, you can implement it into your website. The user will use the website to compare loan offers, calculate the monthly payment, and find the best deal.

Opportunity to schedule a test drive appointment

test drive appointment design
test drive appointment design

For a long time, only 87% of dealership websites allowed customers to book a test drive online. It is one of the essential features that you should include in your dealer website design.

The key points that will allow users to make this move:

  • Make a list of vehicles to choose from
  • See all the information about the car
  • List the test drive rules
  • Choose the way of the future communication

Opportunity to compare autos

car dealer website design auto comparison
auto comparison design

In this case, you will help the customers to see the pros and cons of the cars more effectively. You will gain more trust and give clients certain freedom. Give them some examples of different models and offer similar autos. Use animation to help buyers out.

Overall, it is quite hard work to combine usability and sophisticated design in one place, but not impossible. By knowing what stuff the auto lovers want to see, you will be halfway through.

Common Mistakes in Car Dealer Website Design

There are some typical mistakes in creating a website for a car dealership. By excluding them, you will improve the quality of your services.

1) Unrelated home page content

This will be the face of the company. From the very beginning, you should engage with the website’s visitors. Your homepage is an invitation to explore the brand, so it would be great to include how you started the business, the vision of your goals, and simply impress the visitor. We can confidently say it is the right place to show yourself as a reliable car dealer. Remember that one of the goals of a great auto dealer website design is to gain a potential client’s trust.

Read our article on how to create a proper home page.

2) Irrelevant landing pages

They are essential if you have a range of autos to choose from. A lot of car dealer companies neglect this feature, but this is the mistake that will turn away half of the potential clients. Each of the vehicles needs to be represented separately, which would help in ranking your page higher in certain search results. By making this step, your website will be more likely visited by people who want to purchase a car.

3) Incorrect description and title tags

Continuing with a previous paragraph, having landing pages are essential but not enough. Correct titles will help to get your website to the top of search results. For example, if the car was previously used, you should mention this to avoid possible misunderstanding. In addition to this, revise the descriptions for every product. Some websites put auto-generated reports but try to avoid them and create unique and eye-catching descriptions.

4) Lacking media

Only a few pictures of the car won’t be enough. A client wants to see the desired auto in and out, so your mission is to present it in every way possible. Make sure that everything necessary is included. Consider investing and creating an animation for the sake of a better representation of the product. This will make potential customers’ process of choosing easier and keep them interested the whole time.

5) Missing social network presence

A little of the topic, but this way, you will help people to find your primary source of the dealership – a website. Studies show that customers will be more likely to visit your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account to get information first. So make sure that you are updating both social media and your website. Don’t forget to leave links to your other social networks on your website, this is how people may contact you.

Pay attention to the possible mistakes because, in such a competitive market, it is vital to get rid of all unnecessary problems that may come the way.

See the website design services we provide to get professional advice.

Top 5 Car Dealer Website Designs

For a better embodiment of a great auto dealer website design, we found some websites you could inspire from. Check this list out and consider some tools.

volvo car dealer website design
example of Volvo car dealer website design

This is the definition of a website where you simply feel comfortable. Volvo has one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs. The colors look harmonious, which does not distract users from choosing the product they want. The media is also represented perfectly, so customers will want to learn more.

infiniti car dealer website design
example of infiniti car dealer website design

The website design helps to build up the brand’s personality. This is one of the best examples of perfectly presented products with superb usability. The pages are not stuffed with useless information and have a lot of free space that does not stress your eye out.

chrysler car dealer website design
example of chrysler car dealer website design

The website contains all the key features of a perfect car dealer online page. Products are presented in the best light and the usage is very smooth. It seems like the dealer knows their customer and does everything to lure them.

alba cars car dealer website design
example of alba cars car dealer website design

This is a great example of an effortless but slick animation that keeps shoppers entertained. The color scheme is so appealing that you just want to click on buttons. All the useful information is easy-reached and people won’t feel confused on this type of website.

rma motors car dealer website design
example of rma motors car dealer website design

The landing page with the represented vehicles catches the eye right away. The navigation is good to interact with and understandable for a new user. The dealer shows the importance of the customer from the first page. You can also immediately contact the dealer with the pop-up icon of a messenger.

Summing Up

The importance of a fantastic website design is undeniable these days. When you meet all of the client’s interests you gain a lot of trust as a reliable car dealer. Today, people would rather shop online, and they expect this process to be beneficial and comfortable. Excellent UX/UI design helps your dealership get to the top of the business.

The UX/UI services we offer will increase the credibility of your dealership brand. If you want to stand out from the crowd in all of this competitiveness, reach out and see our works on Dribbble.

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