How Much Does it Cost to Create a Landing Page?

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how much does it cost to build a landing page

Qualitative landing pages are as crucial as websites. Your potential customers may learn about your business through a qualitative landing page. There are various ways to create a landing page and, accordingly, the development price will vary. Many business owners are eager to determine the cost of a landing page. This article will help you choose the most relevant one. We outlined the core factors to consider when choosing the way of landing page creation. Let’s find out how you can invest in your profit.

Using a Landing Page Builder

There is a wide range of online web page builders. They may help build a simple landing page yourself if you have yet to gain experience in web design. The landing page builders have templates that are easy to follow. For instance, you can get familiar with WordPress plans. Let’s set their pros and cons.

What are the benefits of using a landing page builder?

landing page builder advantages
online landing page builder advantages
  • No design skills are required. Web page builders contain a variety of templates that help you to structure the landing page; they are quick and easy to use. Many online builders give the freedom of not sticking to the template design, meaning you can customize the layout to your preferences.
  • Landing page builders do not require a big budget. Moreover, some offer free services, but the platforms’ paid plans are affordable anyway. Overall, the cost of a landing page won’t be high.
  • Many landing page builders offer a trial period of 7 to 30 days. You can evaluate their abilities or even build the needed page during this time.
  • Online web page builders are multifunctional. Not only do they help you build a landing page, but they also can offer promotion tools and communication with customers.

From that list, we can see that landing page builders are good on their behalf, but some disadvantages must be pointed out.

What are the disadvantages of using a landing page builder?

landing page builder disadvantages
online landing page builder disadvantages
  • Landing page builders are not unique. The templates can be the same for different builders and used by many people. As a result, they cannot be suitable for promoting professional companies.
  • You need to pay additionally to include more features. For example, only some online builders allow a free website transfer.
  • Some web builders provide free hosting services, but the quality may be bad. The loading might be slow, or the page may not work as it should.
  • If you decide to build the landing page while on trial, be ready not to experience all the capacity. A free trial may not include all the possible features, and maintaining a landing page can be pricey, as the services’ fees are charged monthly.
  • Some builders can use your landing page for advertisement placement. Keep in mind that it can pop up at the top of the page.

Using a landing page builder may be the cheapest option, but the downsides are prominent and might not be pleasant for users. You are likely to encounter difficulties when attempting to make changes to a purchased landing page template. To avoid mistakes, you must have a basic IT background. If you have no experience with web development, you will need to hire an IT specialist to help you edit the template. Remember you have to fill the site yourself by writing articles and creating or purchasing photos.

What to Include on a Landing Page?

Building a landing page with web page builders by yourself can be challenging. Consider the following features to include if you choose this option.

what to include on a landing page
a successful landing page content

1) Relevant media content

Media engages customers and improves the landing page efficiency, so it’s important to include high-quality and relevant visual elements. Remember not to overload the page with unnecessary information. Try to limit it to one image or video to keep the focus on the landing page message.

You can use images of your product or service, lifestyle images that showcase its benefits, or images that evoke emotions related to your offering. Videos or animations can be a powerful way to convey your message and demonstrate the service.

2) Testimonials

Landing pages help sell your product or service, which means social proof is essential. Otherwise, your potential customers can be afraid to trust you completely.

You can use customer quotes, along with their name, photo, and optionally their job title, location, or company name, to add authenticity.

Another option is to demonstrate case studies on your landing page. They are testimonials in the form of a detailed success story that outlines how a customer achieved a specific result or solved a problem using your service. Case studies provide concrete evidence of your product or service’s effectiveness and can be highly persuasive for potential customers.

3) List of benefits and features

This feature can improve your conversion rate and help customers understand the product’s value. Highlight the main benefits of your services to save your potential clients time exploring your offerings. Here’s how you can embody it:

  • Emphasize the outcomes customers can achieve with your product or service
  • Highlight the pain points and challenges your product addresses
  • Show how your service can optimize specific processes
  • Tell about the essential functions or capabilities of your offering

These elements boost customers’ confidence and trust in you as a business.

4) Strong copy

Landing page visitors pay attention to your headings instantly. A powerful copy can turn regular visitors into loyal customers, so don’t neglect it. There are many benefits in the text you put on your web page, and here’s a list of some:

  • Communicates product value to the customers
  • Captures attention
  • Addresses pain points your target audience may have
  • Drives action among the clients
  • Enhances overall user experience
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd

Remember that text gives life to your service, so writing a high-quality copy is crucial for your success.

5) Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

CTA buttons are the primary tool for guiding visitors toward the desired action. It should be visually appealing, prominently displayed, and stand out from the rest of the page, capturing visitors’ attention and navigating them toward the next step.

Effective CTAs create a sense of urgency, compelling visitors to take action immediately. Using words like “now,” “limited time,” or “exclusive offer” can encourage visitors to act promptly and not delay the desired action. The CTA button should be easy to locate, click, and navigate. Make it mobile-friendly, accessible, and intuitive, ensuring visitors can effortlessly complete the action.

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Building a Landing Page From Scratch

building a landing page from scratch
how to build a landing page from scratch

There are some options for creating a landing page from scratch. Some factors affect the cost of a landing page, such as complexity, the responsiveness on other devices, and page copywriting. If you lack the skills to design it with the help of an online builder, the list below is for you. The landing page design cost will differ from the option you’ll choose, so pick the most suitable one. Don’t forget about the price and quality ratio.

Option 1. Hire a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer can be a solution if you have a tight budget. Plenty of talented designers and developers from all around the world are ready to work with you. You can find numerous online platforms such as Upwork where different freelance services are offered.

To receive qualitative work, do thorough research on the freelance market. Look through their profiles, read reviews on their work, and make sure they have a needed level of competence. Have a look at some pros and cons of hiring freelancers.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer

advantages of hiring a designer to build a landing page
advantages of hiring a freelancer
  • Freelance services are cheaper than web agencies’. The landing page price will be lower regardless of how experienced freelancers might be.
  • The work is performed by one person, which makes it easier to contact them or control the process.
  • If you work with a professional, you will get great results at a lower cost.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelancer

disadvantages of hiring a designer to build a landing page
disadvantages of hiring a freelancer
  • There is no guarantee the project will be ready on time, and the initial price will be the same. Unfortunately, not every freelancer is conscientious. In some cases, you may play a lottery. As a result, it is not worth the lost time.
  • Some freelancers might only be interested in money, so your landing page will be done hastily and not worth the money you spend.
  • If you consider hiring a freelancer, be ready to employ the whole team separately. Hiring only a designer is inappropriate. Your project needs UI and UX designers, a web developer, and a digital marketer to promote your business. This might turn out to be expensive and hard to control the work.

A freelancer can be an experienced web designer who lacks web development skills. Alternatively, a professional web developer has no understanding of professional UI/UX design or digital marketing. Consider these aspects when choosing this option.

Avarage cost: $10 to $40 per hour.

Option 2. Hire an online builder specialist to design on the platform of choice

Another variant is hiring a specialist on the landing page builder. If you are not experienced enough or want more than what the templates can offer, reach out to the experts of the landing page builder you choose. You can find the specialists on Upwork as well by writing the platform of choice in the search bar.

This may help you to understand the working process of online builders. We have already mentioned the benefits and the downsides of using them. Analyze all the points, and choose whatever you are drawn to.

Avarage cost: $5 to $30 per hour.

Read our article on How to Hire a Web Designer to make the right choice.

Option 3. Hire an agency (like Gapsy)

Working with a professional team is the most reliable option. There are a wide variety of web design companies across the world. The landing page price will be affected by the agency of choice: the smaller the company – the lower the cost. In addition, the complexity of your landing page plays its role. Based on this, the average price may be $400-3,000 per landing page. It may seem expensive, but the price is justified. Let’s see why:

  • Web design agencies have a team of developers that perform their tasks. The workflow will be understandable and can reduce possible mistakes.
  • Experienced web agencies can offer a range of services. This may include UX and UI design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing.
  • Web agencies are interested in your success, as it affects your future cooperation. As a result, developers are responsible for the final result, and your review plays a significant role for them.
  • Your cooperation is based on the formal agreement. The conditions cannot be changed. Otherwise, you can sue the contractor for non-compliance with the agreement.

Avarage cost: $30 to $80 per hour.

Check the web design services we can offer you.

The final landing page creation cost may differ. For example, if you can manage the site independently using code or you do not intend to change anything on the site, the price will be lower. Remember that the cost of promotion services is not included in the price. They are compensated separately. At the same time, promotion services can be ordered directly from the web studio or through a recommendation from the web developer.

How Does a Web Design Agency Determine the Landing Page Cost?

The landing page design price is affected by many factors. The complexity and time frames are not the only ones. Read the following list to understand what justifies the cost.

what affects the landing page design price
how does an agency determine the landing page cost

Project-manager. A specialist who plays a crucial role in landing page development. The project manager works with the client to clearly define the project scope. It includes understanding the landing page goals, objectives, and requirements. The specialist develops a detailed project plan outlining the tasks, timelines, and resources required for the landing page development. They establish milestones, set deadlines, and allocate resources to ensure the project runs smoothly.

UX/UI designer. An expert who focuses on creating an optimal user experience and designing an appealing user interface. The visuals and intuitive design are a necessity for a successful landing page. Designers are responsible for creating a user-friendly and relevant product. The designer establishes the landing page’s informational architecture, including organizing and structuring content to develop an understandable and responsive layout.

Front-end developer. A specialist who is responsible for turning visuals into a working web product. The front-end developer implements the wireframes created by the designer using technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. They ensure the landing page is visually consistent with a design and functions as intended.

Copywriter. A specialist who is responsible for a landing page written content such as call-to-actions, catchy headlines, etc. It’s essential to convey the message and value proposition to the users. Copywriter ensures the content is coherent and aligned with the landing page goal. The copywriter creates persuasive content that motivates users to take action using various writing techniques.

Marketer. An expert who optimizes the landing page to drive traffic, reach the target audience, and converts visitors into loyal customers. The specialist develops a strategy, identifying marketing goals to communicate on the landing page. Marketers can make content recommendations to create a customer-oriented product.

Quality Assurance (QA) tester. A specialist who is responsible for ensuring the landing page functionality during the development process. Their primary role is to identify any performance issues or bugs and confirm that it meets the quality standards. The QA tester evaluates the landing page usability by checking the navigation, user flow, and UX/UI design. Testers verify the landing page provides a seamless experience to users.

Want to create a landing page?

Gapsy is ready to help you! Press the button and we will contact you.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Landing Page in Gapsy Studio?

Our designers are experienced professionals ready to help you create an exceptional landing page. We are following the latest trends and assure you that the result will stand out.

See the Gapsy Studio rate below.

  • The cost of the designer’s work is $35 per hour.
  • The overall price for the landing page will depend on the complexity of the work, but the average cost may start from $1,000.

You can also look at all the UX UI design services we provide. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Why is There a Difference in the Cost of Landing Page?

A web development company will charge you for the guarantee and security you have while working with them. They assign all the specialists we mentioned previously to complete the work successfully. Web agency experts thoroughly research your target audience, product, competitors, and market. They will then make deliberate decisions that include highly strategic actions. As a result, you get the best solution this way.

Remember that all actions depend only on your budget and aims. Based on this, the larger profit you expect, the higher the landing page cost. Gapsy Studio uses unique approaches to understand your goals and target audience’s needs and issues. You can ensure that we’ll create an effective landing page for an affordable price.

The way of creating the landing pageThe average landing page price
Freelancer$10 to $40 per hour
Online builder specialist$5 to $40 per hour
Gapsy Studio services$35 per hour


As you can see, the price range is wide. Choose wisely from all the options because your company’s profit will depend on it. Investing in your success is vital. Landing pages help you to achieve it. We covered all the main points, and hope this article was helpful.

We’ll be glad to create a qualitative work with you. Contact us to discuss the project and get a more accurate cost rate. You can find our works on Dribbble and Behance. Gapsy team will bring your ideas to life!

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