How to Make a Powerful Landing Page?

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how to create a landing page

Today, the need to build a landing page has grown. Every business wants to get more profit, and landing pages are the best at promoting your offer. Building an LP that works takes time and effort, but it’s not impossible. The landing page allows you to launch campaigns that generate more leads. The LP is insanely powerful for your company.

See how to build a landing page that works and create your strategy to benefit from it.

What is a Landing Page?

what is a landing page
landing page example

A landing page is a standalone web page created for marketing purposes with a straightforward message. Usually, users can visit landing pages by clicking on links from your ad placements, emails, or pop-up pages.

A landing page has a specific goal – to make visitors take only one action. It can be:

  • Signing up for a newsletter;
  • Registering for an event, course, etc.;
  • Buying products.

Landing pages are essential for any marketing promotion, helping spread the company’s message and building brand awareness. It is a great way to show people what the business can offer as a landing page can be one’s first experience with the brand.

What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Website?

Let’s figure out the differences between a website and a landing page. The two concepts mainly differ in their ideas. The website is focused on giving more general information to future clients, and the landing page is an excellent opportunity to manage marketing and special offers with one step to take.

landing page and website differences
landing page vs website

Here’s the list of major polarities:

  • Websites contain the idea of being explored by visitors while landing pages have one specific action to do. The website offers many options; the landing page has one specific CTA. Check out our Footplace case to see how diverse a website is.
  • In the case of a website, the primary traffic comes from multiple platforms and sources. The landing page gets users mainly from ads, making reaching the target audience easier.
  • A website has many potential distractions, as many elements are visible simultaneously. A landing page shows only crucial information to avoid distracting visitors from the desired action.

Making a landing page helps you promote special offers or launch a new product. This way, your company is noticed by many people so that you will find more future customers and get higher conversion rates.

Gapsy offers you high-quality web design services to help it become true.

How to Build a Landing Page and What are Its Key Features?

key features of building a landing page
the landing page building process and key features

Making a landing page may appear complex, and it certainly takes time. But while building, you can find the creative process amusing and inspiring. See how you can make development easier and faster when you have a specific plan.

1) Specify a goal and do research

As a landing page is helping you to get more clients, define a specific goal you want to achieve. Whether promoting a product, generating signups, or creating transitions to another page, think through all the details to make an easily visible message on your landing page contains. With a set goal, you can see a possible layout in your mind.

Competitive research helps you analyze what information your potential customers want. It is essential to look at their language to reach the target audience. The research for the visuals is also crucial. Discover the design trends or look at layouts that can help you with landing page creation. Find competitors with a similar landing page goal and see how you can improve it for your benefit. As a result, create something that stands out from the crowd and resonates with your audience psychologically.

2) Express the brand

Before handing the job to the designers, brainstorm ideas to modify the company’s character. While you already have a specific plan, it is much easier to cooperate with external teams. You will avoid possible misunderstandings, and the work will go smoothly. Everything from the logo to the brand’s voice should be considered to fit the rest of the company’s web design. Landing page development needs precise instructions from your side. For some people, your LP may be the introduction to the brand, so fill possible developing gaps in advance. After analyzing the future visuals, you are ready to design your landing page.

Read our article to know Top Landing Page Design Tips.

3) Optimize SEO

Your SEO settings affect the structure and optimization of a web page. While writing a copy for the LP, follow best SEO practices, which will help rank your page higher. The landing page’s clear logic and URLs should ideally reflect the content. Write an informative meta description that captures crucial parts of your page. It is one of the most critical SEO factors.

4) Choose the landing page builder

With a ready-made design, you can continue with building a landing page. There are many free web page builders. Even if you are skilled in HTML/CSS, consider using online builders to create a landing page quickly. For better work efficiency, you can find an outsourcing team that saves you both money and time. For example, reliable platforms such as Webflow or WordPress offer you a variety of features, so there is no need to worry about a web page’s development process and functionality.

It’s crucial to choose a builder with excellent web hosting; luckily, many offer this for free. But remember that it may affect the performance and speed of your landing page.

Make sure that you choose not only a user-friendly platform but also one that works well with your marketing tech stack. Only professionals can help you with this aspect, so the Gapsy team is ready to cover this.

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Let’s talk about what makes an effective landing page. Some key features catch visitors’ attention within seconds.

5) Comprehensive design and media

We already mentioned our article where you can find top practices on designing a web page, so let’s discuss it in a nutshell. The perfect amount of relevant media increases the chances the user will stay on the page. Pay attention to what you will put there and create a comprehensive, laconic design. Collaborate with the skilled team that will put you in the right direction.

See all the UX/UI design services we provide.

6) Powerful copy

Live, convincing, and engaging text does half of the work. The power of words can lead people to take the desired action, so turn it into your strength. Structure the information you want to convey. You need to sound confident to gain potential customers’ trust. Put the essence of the offer into your copy and offer users the benefits they will get after clicking on the button because it interests them the most. You can use some click triggers that push customers into action. For example, phrases like “easy unsubscribe,” “get that for free,” and “guaranteed” or quotes from happy clients will help the users feel more comfortable, and you will look trustworthy to them.

Immersing in the process is the key to creating an effective landing page. Follow the best practices and find new trends in design to attract more leads.

How Effective is Landing Page?

The landing page is more flexible than any other kind of web page. You can adapt it to a specific audience and benefit from it immensely. Let’s see how landing pages can improve your business.

Increases the conversion rates

Your newsletters, ads, and social media posts catch the client’s attention. This is the most common way they end up on your landing page. Companies with more than 30 landing pages can generate seven times more customers than ones with fewer than 10. The average conversion rate across the businesses is 4,02%. But in fact, conversion rates depend on the industry you are in. Make sure you do research in the relevant field so that you benefit in the best way possible.

how to create a successful landing page
creating a successful landing page

Ranks the company higher in search results

As we mentioned, optimizing your SEO settings is one of the parts of developing a landing page. Pay attention to this step because it helps to rank you higher in search results. Use the keywords, invest in paid ads, and as a result, the received effect will move your page to the top. This way, your offers will get the target audience easier and more quickly.

Provides crucial data

You can make landing pages that are stand-alone web pages or implement them in your website. Despite the option you choose, you can track data through each page’s analytics. It comes in handy when finding out which content drives the most traffic to your website. You can see how long users engaged with your pages or which part of them produced the most interest.

Summing Up

Using a landing page is a great marketing tool that helps generate leads. This is why you need to pay attention to the development process. Structured and well-designed LP has more potential to be noticed by users. As long as you follow the advice we gave you in this article, your landing page will succeed.

Work with us to create the most eye-catching product, as we deliver a range of services. The Gapsy studio designers are ready to help you benefit from your LP. See our works on Dribbble. and contact us to create the design of your dreams!

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