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Animation outsourcing is a standard process used by both large and small companies. In addition, entertainment giants such as The Walt Disney Company and IMAX actively use animation outsourcing and source some of their projects for independent Asian companies. According to statistics, the average annual growth rate for animation outsourcing is 6.4%, and the global budget will reach $191.985 billion by 2024. However, this industry also has its weaknesses and strengths, which we will look at in this article so that you can make the right decision for your business.

What is Animation Outsourcing?

The essence of animation outsourcing is to transfer your company's project to an outside organization or freelancer. Companies can outsource an entire project from pre-production to post-production, or they can prepare the pre-production themselves and outsource the production and post-production work to an agency. To explain the principle of animation outsourcing clearly, an example can be the apartment's renovation. Let's say you have done the repairs, and there is a choice: do it yourself or hire a person. Yes, you can do it yourself, but you need to have skills and buy many tools for the job. Or you can give it to a professional who will do the quality work for you. 

What Are the Most Common Animation Outsourcing Services?

  • 3D animation outsourcing — is the creation of realistic 3D models. A 3D animator transforms flat images into 3-dimensional images using computer graphics. 3D animation can create various effects in movies, TV shows, cartoon creations, or website videos.
  • 2D animation outsourcing — is an animation in two-dimensional space, or in other words, a series of images shown in sequence and at high speed. 2D animation is widely used in video games, movies, advertisements, mobile applications, and websites.
  • Video games — can be allocated to a separate service, animation outsourcing, as now the creators of video games are trying to make the gameplay more realistic. Therefore, they also turn to agencies to create high-quality graphics.
  • Character design — is to create a customized character to represent the brand to customers. This also includes creating animated videos. Companies use this service to get more attention from their target audience.
Our animation outsourcing services
Animation Outsourcing services

Two Crucial Tips Before Fnding an Animation Outsourcing Company

You are at the stage when you have decided to go to an outsourcing company. How not to make a wrong choice? 

  1. First, you must understand this field to find a suitable candidate to bring your project to life. Then, understand what challenges can be during the process, read reviews of companies, and make a list of the best ones. 
  2. Second, you need to ensure that the executive agency properly understands and hears your desires and requests for the project to ensure timely handling of the project. Third, tell us about your budget and the project’s purpose to come to standard terms. Finally, you should have an idea and a script for your project.

The result depends on the choice of agency. Therefore, this point should be approached with particular care. We provide motion graphic services and are responsible for the work done.

Why Do Studios Need to Outsource Animation Services Now More Than Ever Before?

The demand for animation outsourcing is growing relentlessly, and outsourcing agencies created even large projects such as the animated series “The Simpsons”s. The advantages of outsourcing in reducing the company's expenses are that hiring a new employee for the position isn't necessary, which gives more opportunities and resources to fulfill other companies' goals. In addition, you don't have to hold an n-number of interviews to find a professional or hire a trainee and educate him. Another advantage of animation outsourcing is the quality of work, as you give your project to a qualified person who works with professional equipment. Do you know how popular outsourcing is all over the world? We would like to provide you with some facts:

  1. First and most importantly, the global animation production market is between 50 and 70 billion dollars; impressive, isn't it?
  2. How do you like that? Famous studios such as Disney, MTV, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. transfer animatics to offshore and outsourcing projects. 
  3. The famous animated series "The Simpsons'' was produced and released in the USA, but Akom provided the animation for this cartoon from South Korea. Akom's animators draw digital versions of the original frames from the US and all animation frames between the original structures. This process is called work in foreign export markets (OEM).
  4. Among the most popular countries for animation outsourcing are Ukraine, India, and the Philippines. Ukraine is a well-established outsourcing hub with a vast pool of talented IT professionals at a low cost. But today, outsourcing in Ukraine has acquired another meaning - as a hub for graphic design professionals. Nowadays, the country is well known for its outstanding web design and graphic design services. Moreover, as the most prominent European country, Ukraine has a clear competitive advantage in short-range shooting due to its culture and geographical proximity to Western Europe. Since the 1990s, Ukraine has been proud to be a technology partner for US and European companies as an active global outsourcing hub. One such company is Gapsy. Over the years of working with foreign clients in web and mobile design, branding, and animation, we have studied all the pains and desires of potential buyers. As a result, we know how to provide high-quality Internet solutions that accurately bring conversions and profits.

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Stages of Creating an Animated Outsourced Video

Brief. The customer answers questions about his business and the future video in this standard document.

Estimate. Based on the brief, we estimate the cost of creating a video and the timing of the order. If the customer is satisfied with everything, we sign a contract, and after an advance payment of 50%, we proceed to the scenario.

Scenario. If we prepare a prototype for other web products, the primary working document is a script for the video. The script prescribes the plot of the future video, methods of implementation, and additional nuances, such as the use of drones. Finally, the video’s script is discussed with the customer, and if necessary, changes are made.

Development. This is the technical stage at which video production takes place. The production process includes video filming, sequence editing, sound recording and editing, animation creation, overlaying captions and subtitles, and other technical work.

Delivery of the order. We show the finished video to the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the result, we sign the acceptance certificate, and the customer transfers the rest of the payment to us.

Further cooperation. We can help the client develop or update the site or page where the video will be posted and promoted.

Why Choose Gapsy for Animation Outsourcing?

Gapsy is a full-cycle web studio that implements projects of high complexity quickly. We guarantee an individual and targeted approach, transparent terms of cooperation, high quality, and a range of services, including consultations, analytics, creating unique design solutions, forming an optimal structure, and filling sites with content. We build convenient and efficient websites and web systems based on advanced web technologies. Our portfolio consists of web projects belonging to multiple categories, such as online stores, visited sites, corporate sites, online directories, landing pages, and custom web solutions, including animation. We would like to share one of the niche animation examples for the Ighero project.

IGhero is an Instagram content creation and tracking platform. The graphs show the effectiveness of Instagram tracking for metrics such as average follower engagement. Users can take practical actions to improve their social media strategy and optimize performance. You can track the interaction with your profile, how many subscribers have changed, and the time you interacted most on Instagram. And also, you can see which gender of your subscribers prevails and from which countries people are subscribed to you. Follow our projects on Dribble for more of our work and exciting solutions in web and mobile design solutions.

Bottom Line

With the unprecedented growth in animation production, more and more companies need more time and resources to produce high-quality animation. However, animation outsourcing companies are a great way to complete projects without turning down a single offer. I hope you have already realized the importance of finding an animation studio that suits your style and budget. So, contact us and order high-quality solutions in animation and more. We are ready to make a web or mobile design of any complexity for you and turn any of your decisions into reality!

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