Gapsy Case Study: Designing the Future of Gaming with RKDE

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RKDE case study

In the realm of gaming, the battlefield is fierce. Platforms grapple for dominance, each seeking the perfect blend of UI/UX to capture players' imaginations. At Gapsy Studio, we've always believed in the fusion of form and function. And our collaboration with RKDE was an opportunity to reshape the rules of engagement in the gaming industry. Here, we lay out our journey, designing a platform that promises to redefine gaming.

The Brief: About RKDE

When RKDE approached Gapsy Studio, their vision was clear but expansive. They didn't just want another gaming platform; they tried to craft a holistic digital environment that would be a nexus of thrill, challenge, and reward. The heart of this new platform was the "play and earn" concept. While this philosophy was not entirely novel, RKDE's interpretation aimed to be groundbreaking.

To truly understand RKDE’s ambitions, we dove deep into their blueprint. They envisioned a platform that transcended traditional gaming barriers. They sought an environment where every challenge was more than a digital quest but a journey toward real-world rewards. The platform was imagined to cater to a broad spectrum of players—from those who indulge in occasional gaming sessions to professionals who dedicate hours to perfecting their craft. This inclusivity was pivotal to RKDE's mission of making every player feel valued, irrespective of their gaming prowess.

Furthermore, RKDE's specific target—the discerning European gaming community—brought unique challenges and opportunities. Europe's gaming market is diverse, with players spanning various age groups, cultural backgrounds, and gaming preferences. RKDE's vision was to cater to this heterogeneity, offering games and challenges to engage a Finnish strategy-game enthusiast just as effectively as a French lover of role-playing games. Their goal was to be the ultimate gaming destination in Europe, a lofty ambition that required a meticulously crafted, intuitive design. 

As designers at Gapsy Studio, our challenge was not just to visualize this ambitious project but to materialize it—to create a platform where every pixel echoed RKDE's core philosophy and catered to the diverse needs of the European gaming community.

Briefly about RKDE
Main points of RKDE project

The Challenge

RKDE's innovative vision, though admirable, wasn’t without its hurdles. Creating a platform that redefines engagement in a saturated market, especially for the diverse European audience, demanded an in-depth understanding of multiple facets. Here's an elaboration of the challenges we at Gapsy Studio recognized:

Diverse Player Base:

With its rich cultural tapestry, Europe has gamers with varying preferences, playstyles, and motivations. Designing a platform that resonates with this vast demographic spectrum was no small feat.

Crafting experiences catering to a casual gamer in Spain and a professional esports player in Germany required nuanced design considerations.

Reward System Complexity:

Though enticing, the “play and earn” concept required a balanced and fair reward mechanism.

The challenge lay in ensuring rewards felt earned and valuable, avoiding potential pitfalls of players feeling the system is too easy or, conversely, too unattainable.

Market Saturation:

The European gaming market, while vast, is flooded with platforms, each promising unique experiences.

Standing out not just through gameplay but also through interface, usability, and reward mechanisms was imperative.

Data Privacy and Security:

European regulations, especially GDPR, emphasize robust data protection.

A key challenge was designing an engaging platform that offers personalized experiences while ensuring data integrity and security.

Sustainability and Evolution:

The gaming world evolves rapidly. Ensuring that the platform remains relevant, attractive, and ahead of the curve in the coming years demanded a design that was adaptable and future-ready.

Main task that Gapsy should do
The challenge and the result of the project

Gapsy's Strategy

Channeling our expertise and insights into the gaming industry, we curated a four-pronged strategy for RKDE:

  • Play: Beyond graphics, we envisioned a dynamic UX that would make every gaming session feel fresh. We integrated evolving challenges, ensuring a delightful mix of strategy, competition, and progression reflected in real-time leaderboards.

  • Track: Gaming today is as much about skills as strategy. Thus, we incorporated an intricate analytics dashboard, allowing players to review their gaming trajectory. This not only aids in skill enhancement but also infuses a sense of personal growth within the platform.

  • Earn: We worked closely with RKDE to devise a tangible rewards system. Earning on RKDE isn't restricted to gameplay; from reviewing new launches to bringing friends on board, every interaction was designed to have intrinsic value, materializing as 'tickets'—RKDE's virtual currency.

  • Spend: To complement the 'earn' component, we designed the RKDE store, a digital marketplace teeming with exciting rewards. Players can redeem their tickets for many goodies—from exclusive in-game assets to real-world gift cards.

The main Gapsy studio strategy
The following is the strategy that Gapsy made

The Impact of Our Design

Post-launch, our collaboration with RKDE witnessed several transformative impacts:

  • Monetizing Gaming Skills: Players now had avenues to showcase their skills and monetize them—a true game-changer in the industry.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Our intuitive design, combined with RKDE’s diverse game offerings, ensured heightened user engagement, translating to improved session durations and loyalty.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: The data collated through user interactions provided valuable insights, helping RKDE tweak and refine its real-time strategies.

  • Expanding Partnerships: The success of our design allowed RKDE to foster collaborations with prominent industry players, further amplifying their brand presence.

  • Global Potential: While Europe was our primary target, the scalability of our design ensures RKDE has the potential for a more extensive global outreach.

  • Adaptive Innovation: Our design ensures adaptability, allowing RKDE to swiftly pivot based on changing industry trends.

Main points that Gapsy could achieve with design
The result of Gapsy’s work


At Gapsy Studio, our essence as designers transcends the realm of creating mere visually appealing interfaces—it's a journey of crafting narratives and shaping unforgettable experiences. Our collaboration with RKDE serves as a prime exemplar of this philosophy. Our role was not confined to designing a digital platform; we were pivotal in redefining the modern gaming landscape, setting new standards and pushing boundaries. This project showcased the potent combination of innovative design and transformative gaming ideas, illuminating the path forward for the industry.

Looking back at our venture with RKDE fills our hearts with pride, reignites our passion for design, and fuels our desire to take on more groundbreaking projects in the digital world. Our commitment extends beyond design; we are here to revolutionize user experiences. RKDE is a shining testament to our unwavering dedication to this cause.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey for your brand? Explore Gapsy Studio’s services and connect with us through our Contact Us page. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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