What Are the Reasons to Redesign Your Website?

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why redesign a website

We all understand that the site is the “face” of the brand. There is no doubt that it should look great because first impression matters.

However, the site’s main task is not just to be an attractive picture but also to ‘sell’ your brand. Don’t underestimate the importance of this factor. Trends in web design change day by day, and our challenge is to keep track of them and successfully adapt them to your brand’s goal.

If you consider this question, here we have collected the most relevant reasons to redesign a website.

what are the reasons to redesign a website
why you should redesign your website

Most common reasons to redesign your website

The overwhelming majority of people perceive information visually, which means that if users don’t like your website’s external components, they probably won’t stay on it. That’s why we highly recommend you keep up with the times and update the site design from time to time. Redesign involves many processes. It’s not a simple change of pictures as it might seem at first glance. You can find the most relevant components of redesign below.


First of all, we need to know what these words mean and how they fit together. Rebranding is a process of changing the brand of the company to attract new customers. By the way, rebranding is a perfect way of audience maximization. Rebranding involves creating a new, unique brand design in the eyes of the buyer. It’s not a secret that one of the primary “weapons” in the digital era is high-quality visuals. The design of the project must be consistent. Corporate colors, fonts, recognizable elements, new pages – all these components should be in a unified style. It will build your identity and subsequently bring a lot of new clients. If your site’s design doesn’t represent a complete picture of the product, the brand’s ideology, then this is the answer to the question, “Why do I need to redesign my website?”

What does rebranding give us?

  • The rebranding will create the right image of the company. Correct positioning is the key to success. Often, start-up companies neglect this process because there are problems with target audience formation. This issue is easy enough to solve by rebranding.
  • Quite often, companies can’t adapt to new conditions. Simultaneously, adaptation to a constantly changing market is essential for a company’s existence and development. 2020 brought us a surprise in the form of a pandemic which undoubtedly changed business laws that everyone is familiar with. An example of incredible adaptation is Eastman Kodak Co. Not so long ago, its representatives announced a change in their previously unchanged business plan. The company that has been producing photography equipment for more than a century decided to reform its brand and make drug ingredients to fight coronavirus. As a result, Eastman Kodak Co. received a $765m loan from the US government. You can easily understand that the company has undergone a rebranding by looking at how its website has changed. As a result, we can see the company that has already begun to be forgotten, and it is rising from the ashes in our eyes. And how!
reasons for a website redesign - rebranding
rebranding is one of the reasons to redesign a website
  • One of the other reasons to redesign a website design is to increase your brand recognition. The rebranding will certainly cope with this task. We must not forget about the growing competition. Sometimes, to stand out from the competition, you need to revise the slogan, color palette, or style.
  • The rebranding will also help increase popularity. If your brand has been on the market for a long time and is well known to customers, then the novelty will only draw additional attention to the product. For example, the well-known company Mastercard has changed its logo because the future of payment is digital.
rebranding is one of the reasons to redesign a website
reasons for a website redesign - rebranding

Low website traffic

Another reason why you should redesign your website is low website traffic. Even the most unique site will remain in the shadows if visitors never find out about it. So that your work doesn’t go unnoticed, you need to attract traffic to the site.

Optimization would be the most reasonable solution. It would be nice to revise your content plan and implement blogging there. It will be necessary to find out what words people use in their searches to add them to the titles and descriptions. Feel free to link to other resources. Many companies track mentions about themselves and will probably reciprocate. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your traffic-free.

Try to attract experts. People tend to trust the expert opinion, and this will diversify the content. Our task is not to lure the user at any cost but to make sure that they at least remain, and even better, that they become a client. All this is possible only on high-quality content and visually pleasing images that will provide sufficient traffic. Remember to keep track of traffic and information relevance.

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Your website doesn’t convert as intended

When talking about increasing traffic, we shouldn’t forget about conversion. If this metric is relatively low, then there is a reason to redesign your website.

What’s the use of people visiting your website if they don’t end up buying anything there? Clarity and simplicity will help attract buyers. Frequently, websites are overloaded with information. The users will not waste their time searching for the required information among flowers of speech. Don’t test the patience of users. They will set no store by it. The same applies to the means of communication with your company. It’s best to place contact information on a separate, easily accessible page.

This also applies to site navigation. Don’t make users suffer from the navigation on your site. Let them think only about buying your product! The site should, with all its appearance, reflect your ideology and core audience. This will push them to the next stage of interaction – becoming a client. For the convenience of customers, you can also introduce an online assistant function. Users will appreciate participation and care. Into the bargain, it’s convenient! A chatbot, for example, can prompt the user and answer almost any question.

low conversion is a reason to redesign a website
reasons for a website redesign is low conversion

Here is an example of how it can look like. Pay attention to how harmoniously the chatbot fits into the overall picture of the site. It looks presentable and unobtrusive. Don’t underestimate the look and feel of your site. Remember, that first impression is most lasting, and it is the main reason for a website redesign.

Website optimization

The world is changing rapidly. If ten years ago, most users used a computer to search for information, then in 2019, the picture has changed significantly, and 54.2% of traffic came from mobile devices. We can only guess how this number increased during the pandemic when even children and their smartphones are as thick as thieves.

This is an example of how one of our projects optimized for different devices:

bad website optimization is the reason to redesign
reasons for a website redesign is bad optimization

Therefore, you need to ensure that your site is responsive for both desktop computers and mobile devices. As a rule, mobile users will not stay on a web page inconvenient for them to use. And they certainly won’t put down the phone to go to the computer. And if the optimization has not yet taken place, then the above listed is the answer to why you should redesign your website.

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Your website’s usability is poor

Undoubtedly speaking about reasons to redesign a website, we can’t ignore website usability. It’s easy to overlook small and seemingly insignificant details during the development stage of a new design. But do not forget that the overall impression is formed from the little things. The ease of use of the site depends on many factors: the readability of the text, the ability to find a contact form with you easily, the presence of pointers, the absence of intrusive pop-ups, and much more.

Imagine yourself as a user who sees your page for the first time and check how easy it is for you to find specific information. If you are confronted with difficulties at this stage, you already know the answer to the question of why website redesign is essential.

A visual aid where most ‘bad manners’ are collected.

poor website usability
this is how poor website usability looks like

Want to redesign a website?

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Take another close look at your site, or rather show it to those who have never heard of it. But even if it visually appeals to your focus group, in any case, they will note the points that are worth improving. This is what you need to work on first!

To see our expertise, you are welcome to our projects at Dribbble and Behance, as well as you can take a look at our services and what we can provide you in your work.

P.S. Remember: if everything suits you well, but the level of engagement and, accordingly, sales are low, it means that the time to ask the question “‘why do a website redesign’” has already passed. It is time to think about how to make it happen.

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