A Comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Betting App Design User Experience

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Digital technology has played a decisive role in sports betting applications’ development and transfers to the virtual environment. Gadgets and apps make the betting process more accessible and safer.

By 2022, the gambling industry market will reach $565 billion. Moreover, this highly competitive industry is built on new technologies targeted at discerning consumers. Therefore, today, how to create a betting app design is quite relevant.

Who are your users in the betting app?

Before creating a mobile design for the betting industry, you need to analyze your potential user. If you want to improve empathy and make your interface more understandable, set a guideline for the feelings and needs of users.

Betting app users can be divided into three groups:

Fans. They place bets only on the favorite club, as they are well versed in details. A fan attends most of the matches live, knows each player’s name, monitors coach changes, and even predicts who will miss a game due to injury.

Typical fan behavior: place a bet on your favorite club.

How to reflect in the interface: provide quick access to the upcoming matches of a specific club, ideally giving the ability to save your favorite club for a quick transition.

Supporters. They occasionally attend live matches, but they turn on a sports channel on TV or broadcast on the Internet more often. They actively follow championships and cups, love 3-4 clubs, and do not mind watching other national teams’ matches.

Typical Fan Behavior: Betting on upcoming matches played by well-known clubs. Or bet on national teams from live broadcasts, which a fan stumbled upon accidentally.

How to reflect in the interface: provide access to the latest news from different sports and clubs, allow you to quickly switch to current live broadcasts directly from the main screen.

Professional cappers. They make money on bets and have no particular preferences in clubs. Instead, they are looking for the most profitable way to make money and actively follow analytics.

Typical behavior of a professional capper: quickly find sporting events, filter them by odds, place a bet.

How to reflect in the interface: enable you to quickly switch between different sports, open quick access to news, analytics, and the calendar of upcoming sports events.

Why good UX design for mobile betting apps is important

Active user engagement has a lot to do with betting app revenue, so good UX design is essential when building mobile betting apps. In addition, the betting app products are designed for a wide range of fans, whether they want to place multiple bets or are loyal players for a long time. Therefore, having a well-thought-out UX design has a lot to do with the success of your app, as it impacts customer interactions, conversions, and retention.

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Tips for creating exceptional betting UI/UX design

So, we understood the importance. Now let’s take a look at some tips on creating an exceptional betting app design.

1. Adhere fan-centric approach

From the beginning of the betting app design, take a fan-centered approach. The application you create is primarily aimed at bettors. Thus, whatever you add to UI and UX design should be aimed at satisfying a specific need, eliminating problematic points, or improving the UX of your product. You can create an iterative and responsive framework by focusing on the fan.

adhere fan-centric approach in your betting app
fan-centric betting app approach

2. Simplicity and Ergonomics

Designing a mobile app is never easy because the user has limited screen space to use. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the space available on a small screen and make it work for the user’s benefit. A clear and simple, straightforward user interface (text, images, icons, and other elements) is preferred. You don’t want it to be complicated and confusing for fans to place bets, do you? Remember that your user interface should be right-handed and flip-over for left-handed users. Think about how your users will hold the screen when interacting with your betting app, and keep that in mind when designing.

simplify your betting app
simplicity and ergonomics betting app approach

3. Flawless user experience

The task of the UX designer during betting app design creation is to create a seamless betting process so that the user can understand what is happening on the screen and what his next step may be at any moment. To create a cohesive UX, you need to develop a good user flow detailing all user interactions, what they want to achieve and what steps to be taken.

provide smooth user experience in your betting app
flawless user experience for betting app

Advice! However, remember that too many steps can overload the application and lead to a long load, which in the end can frighten the user altogether, and you can lose him forever.

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4. Accessibility

Consider your target audience when designing your betting app. This means that you have to assume that your customer may have some kind of limitation, such as low vision, color blindness, hearing impairment, or even if your user is left-handed. Minor tweaks and more innovative designs go a long way in making your app accessible. This can mean using fonts that are easier to read, contrasting colors, adding functionality to convert text to speech, using more straightforward, correct language, or localization.

make your betting app accessible
accessibility betting app approach

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5. Keep the users engaged

Any owner would like their application to be used for a long time and ongoing to attract attention from the first interaction. To do this, you need to orient the user in your application correctly. You need to provide proper customization, guidance on using your app, on-screen instructions, and a straightforward correct UX design to help you navigate the app. Consider the possibility of personalized content in your application to improve the user experience. This allows the fan to place a bet, dive into the match itself, receive individual recommendations, and meet specific needs. This way, you will improve user interaction, increase satisfaction, and keep them for as long as possible. 

6. Interaction design

A UI design that responds to user input creates a great UX. What does it mean? This means that when a user places a bet, any of his actions should trigger a specific response from the application, for example, highlighting a button or interaction area, pop-ups, activities, etc. Each element that your user interacts with must understand that everything is working correctly and smoothly. The main task for the user is to get feedback after taking some action.

provide interaction design in your betting app
interactive design betting app approach

7. Collect and take into account user feedbacks

Reviews! This is the most crucial channel of interaction with your customers. Considering the feedback from your customers, you can improve your mobile betting app. You can conduct user tests, poll visitors, and create satisfaction surveys. You can also use a heatmap, thanks to which you can analyze the interaction with your application and where your users are focusing more attention.

Let’s summarize

The correct interaction in your betting app design can be the thing that will make you competitive and give you an edge in a crowded market. While the visuals and functionality of your application are essential, the proper UX is what creates an exceptional product.

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