How to Create About Us Page for Website?

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Self-presentation is vital when you want to present your services to your target audience. It should tell consumers about your brand. The more helpful information the client learns, the more their trust in the company will increase.

Many businesses overlook the “About Us” section or scratch it. Later on, this risks missing out on potential clients.

In this article, we will consider:

  • What the “About Us” section is, its major elements and importance for business;
  • Essential tips on how to create an “About Us” page;
  • Several examples that you can take when creating an “About Us” page for your business.

What is An “About Us” Page?

The “About Us” page is a presentation company to the consumer. When we first get to know each other, we make a specific impression. One of this section’s purposes is to encourage the user to stay with you. This page visits new customers or customers who want to work with your company, so they learn your line of business, approach, and values.

So, what information contains an ideal “About Us” page?

  • Services that the company provide;
  • Founding history;
  • Distinguishing characteristics of your company apart from competitors one;
  • Represent company’s purpose and task that want to achieve;
  • Tell about values you keep in your work.
creation “About Us” page
essential points of an about us page

An “About Us” page can also showcase the team working to provide services. This will help bring you closer to potential clients.

Essential elements during the creation “About Us” page

Custom header

The headline entices the user. The header should be catchy and convey a message that is embedded within the main body text. You can use the standard headline “About Us,” but also you can be individual and entitle the page in another way.

The main body of the text

The primary users’ task of visiting the “About Us” page is to know the company better. And also to compare their own needs and requirements with the services provided by the company. Therefore, an excellent solution would be to announce the company’s politics and goals.

Company’s advantages

The obligatory element of the “About Us” page is to show the company’s individuality. To achieve brand awareness, you require standing out from your competitors and finding a twist that will be distinctive in this field and will entice customers.

Read “What is branding” in our blog.

Team profile

The users will gain more confidence in the company if they see its leaders and team. Add a photo to introduce them and to establish a bond with potential customers.

Visual effects

Share the videos and photos on a website that shows the company’s work. The user will pay more attention to the video than to the text. Put the essence of your business into a short video to get the customer interested. You can also fit your company’s website with animations to catch users’ attention.

Read about types of animations in our blog.

Report of the company’s progress

The clients should see the company’s achievements. So, they will know that your company is actively developing, and therefore they can cooperate with it.

“About Us” page importance

Speaking of this page’s importance, we can make a simple analogy. When we meet a new person, we introduce ourselves, know our interests and worldview, and look for common qualities. We form a first impression on this basis and either let the person into the circle of our trust or stop further communicating. The page “About Us” is a biography, characteristics, and the “interests” of your company. If they match the client’s needs, he wants to continue working with you.

The main points that determine the importance of the “About Us” page:

  • It makes the brand unique;
  • Introduces the company to the audience;
  • Makes the target audience more aware of the company’s goals;
  • Evokes in the client, favorable emotions and trust in the company’s product.
the contribution of “About Us” page
about us page importance

Perfect “About Us” Page Tips

Let’s discuss what facts help you create an “About Us” page for a website design.

Introduce your company.

Tell users what your company does. Introduce your business history. This will inspire and interest users.

Write about the essentials.

Introduce company politics, what user problems can be solved. Present the company’s values. Let the customer know that you are professionals, and are passionate about your business.

Research what questions users asked more often and give answers to them. Don’t write a lot, be concrete.

Support your text with facts.

Show clients the company’s finished projects. It helps them assess your skills and be confident in the result.

Adding a section with feedback from those who have already worked with you will strengthen the user’s confidence.

Write to the target audience.

Research your target audience. Find an approach to them. Based on the facts got, target your customers and try to speak the same language with them. Depending on your potential customers, an IT specialist, a doctor, or a young mother changes the style and approach to writing the “About Us” page.

Show you can be trusted.

Nowadays, a lot of transactions and transactions take place over the Internet. So before they do what they want to do, the customer will try to verify your authenticity. Include the address of the company’s prime office location, contact numbers, mailboxes, and social networks.

It’s easier for the customer if they see real people. So introduce your audience leaders and team.

Famous “About Us” Pages Examples

Let’s take the famous brands’ example to understand how a great page “About Us” should look.


Toyota’s website is an ideal “About Us” page example. It includes all the necessary elements: the company’s history, the principles, and the objectives it holds. You can also see who’s the leaders and the team of the company.

about us page examples
toyota about us page examples


Google also has an excellent “About Us” page. The first thing users see is the company’s mission. By reading it, clients can immediately understand, they look in the same direction as the company’s leaders or their working goals are different.

create about us for website
google about us page


Ikea has taken great care of self-presentation. When users enter the page, they can immediately get acquainted with its concept and business ideas. They also can discover the company’s social position and see what steps it’s taking to preserve nature and the planet’s resources.

how to make a good about us page
ikea about us page


Mozilla has changed the standard “About Us” page title to “Who We Are,” thus adding a little uniqueness. But, at the same time, the company didn’t forget to talk about the principles of its work and the tasks it follows.

website about us page examples
mozilla website about us page example


The “About Us” page is the website’s integral part. It helps users closely get acquainted with the company, its leaders, and its team. It also allows users to learn more about the company’s objectives and politics. Gapsy studio knows how to create a good about us page. Contact us to improve your business. Check out the finished projects on Behance and Dribbble. And also take a look at the services we provide.

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