What Is Brand Awareness in Web Design

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what is brand awareness

The market is overflowed with a vast selection of goods and services. How do buyers select a seller’s company? The first thing that attracts their attention is the price and popularity of the brand. Every company is working on its brand awareness. This helps them to occupy a leading position on the market and be in demand among buyers. Design is a tool to get results. It can be used to establish a strong emotional connection between the product and the buyer. Design is the face and personality of your brand. Thus, let’s learn more about brand awareness, its types, and ways to achieve it through design.

What is brand awareness?

brand awareness definition
what is a brand awareness

Brand awareness is an indicator of customer trust and awareness of your product or service. Company’s brand awareness gives you an outperform over your competitors.

The brand awareness goals are to introduce a comprehensive idea about your product or service for the target audience and evoke certain emotions and attitudes.

Difference between brand awareness and brand recognition

At first glance, identical concepts carry different meanings.

Brand recognition is a component of brand awareness. In other words, recognizability gives the user only a visual picture of the brand. The user identifies the brand by its logo, unique font, color, and packaging. Brand awareness gives the users a spectrum of emotions associated with the product, an idea of the company’s image, and makes them emotionally attached to the brand.

The main objectives of brand awareness are arousing in the users a sense of attachment and encouraging them to choose certain products of a particular firm from some other similar ones, based on the customer’s trust in the brand.

Why is brand awareness important?

People tend to buy proven goods and services. This is where brand awareness comes in handy. The users show their trust in products by choosing your company among other similar ones. The importance of brand awareness in web design means that the user is attracted not only by the beautiful cover but also by the attitude and atmosphere.

It also plays a role in the company’s revenue. For example, if you compare companies with high and low brand awareness, the first has a higher income because it has more customers.

And the third, not less important fact. The users are more likely to choose a company with high brand awareness. That’s because they know it won’t let them down, rather than they will search for information about little-known brands to ensure the products’ quality.

The types of brand awareness

There are five essential types of brand awareness. Each type has a specific purpose and is aimed at the particular needs of the company.

Brand recall

Brand recall is a type of brand awareness in which the customer recalls a brand name from a range of products or services in the same category. As a rule, people remember from three to seven brand names.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is acquired when the firm has its target audience. This type implies that buyers can quickly identify the brand in a suggested category and distinguish it by certain qualities. Brand recognition can be established through its name and logo, branded packaging, or slogan.

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Top-of-mind awareness

Choose any category and try to recall its brands. The brand that came to your mind at first has top-of-mind brand awareness. It doesn’t mean that it’s the most famous brand in the world, but the one that got your attention and created a connection with the customer. Top-of-mind brand awareness also means that the users can remember the name of the brand and its characteristics.

Brand dominance

Brand dominance means that the customer can quickly recall only one brand in a given category of products or services. A great example is Coca-Cola, a soft drink, or an Apple brand in the technique category.

Visual branding

This type of brand awareness means that the customer distinguishes the brand by visual characteristics such as logo, packaging, font or color, but cannot always remember the brand name.

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Increase awareness through web design

A website is one of the tools to promote your brand on the Internet. According to statistics, a consumer needs, on average, five to seven vivid impressions to remember a brand.

The website will be the face of your brand, but it has to match the company’s style. Let’s look at seven tips to increase brand awareness through web design.

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You can establish contact with the user and show your professionalism in the chosen field by writing informative articles on the blog. Another benefit of blogging is the ability to get to the top of the Google search with SEO optimization, thereby attracting and letting more people know about your brand.

Choose your brand’s color palette

According to Forbes research, companies that operate in the same color palette have raised their brand awareness by 80%. If a user observes a confusion of styles and colors, they stop trusting the brand. It’s human psychology. We tend to trust visuals.

Brand color is an expression of the personality and image of the firm. Also, working in the same color and style makes your company stand out among your competitors.

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Focus on the typography of your website

The choice of company font is also important, as a single color palette. You improve the perception of content by paying attention to typography.

Users also remember your company’s style and associate it with the brand. In this way, you raise awareness.

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Interact with social media

Social media is an integral part of our modern lives. It’s reported that 53% of the world’s population has social media. You can get more people to know about your brand by maintaining a page on one or more famous platforms. Place well-known social media icons at the top of your website. This way, you will increase engagement.

Add video content

Human psychology is built so that our brain visually perceives more than 80% of the information. That’s why you need to pay attention to typography, color, and video content on your site. The users watch a short informational video about your brand, and it stays in their memory. 54% of users are preferred to watch brands’ video content. Thus, study up on the company and raise brand awareness.

Eliminate clutter and keep the white space balanced

Place content on the site in an orderly and structured manner. More doesn’t mean better. Maintain a balance of white space. This helps you to make your website visually responsive. According to surveys, dividing content into blocks and adding spaces between paragraphs increases comprehension by 20%.

Think about the domain name of the website

Google pays attention to the domain name. It’s necessary for Google that the website’s address is a representation of your brand to raise its ranking. For example, www.nike.com, the domain name is both the brand and the company name.

Great visual brand awareness examples of famous companies

Let’s look at a few examples of well-known companies with high brand awareness:


Nike is a world-renowned clothing and footwear company. The logo and website of the company are designed in the same color palette: black and white. On the brand’s official website, the first thing we see is a video that presents the company’s products. The site isn’t overloaded with information, has excellent typography, and perfectly conveys the mood and message of the company.

brand awareness examples
Nike brand awareness example


Microsoft is a well-known company in the world of technology. The site perfectly represents its brand and creates a great visual impression. It’s filled with lots of products pictures, their brief descriptions, and has stunning filmed video content that presents the brand’s products. It’s worth noting that the structure of the site and the arrangement of elements in it resembles their logo.

examples of brand awareness
brand awareness website by Microsoft


The website of the soft drink company Coca-cola also presents a great design. All the content is built on images that tell the main objectives of the company and its activities. At the top of the site, we can observe their world-famous logo with a unique font that makes it stand out from the competitors, increasing its brand awareness.

brand awareness example
example of brand awareness by Coca-cola company


Now the market is crowded with many brands. Some of them are known to everyone, while others remain in the shadows of their competitors. Therefore, it’s necessary to win the attention and trust of the users. To do this, you need to create an image and uniqueness of your brand. High brand awareness among users means you are on the right track. It’s possible to achieve such a result if you put in the effort and ingenuity.

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