The Most Emerging UI Design Trends to Follow in 2023

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Each of us tries to improve our skills compared to the previous year. Things that only gained traction this season will become a trend next. Since our work is closely related to technology, a branch that has tended to develop quickly, we have to keep track of the latest news and changes to innovate it in our projects. 

Every company wants to make its website as modern as possible to attract more clients. After all, the interface is the first thing users see when they enter the site. 

We collected the TOP 10 UI Trends 2023 to tell you what will be popular in the coming year and what you should pay attention to.   

1) Emotionally responsive design

The design should evoke a specific emotion, establishing a relationship with the user. The term “emotional design” implies that the design should consist of the four components of the pyramid: functionality, reliability, usability, and user satisfaction. It's easy to lose the last point in the background of the others. But the emotions aroused in the users are one of the pledges they will return. 

In 2023, inspirational design will be a trend. Interface elements should evoke different reactions from the user. Pick up your design's colors and layout the content based on what emotions you want to evoke. Take an empathic approach to design. 

2) 3D graphic elements

3D images have been around for some time. In the past, designers tended to avoid complex 3D models in the UI for speed, performance, and convenience. However, 3D has ceased to be luxurious with the advent of new browsers, and now you can create cinematic scenes for websites.

The 3D graphics in the interface blur the line between reality and digital animation. This trend will benefit companies working with complex processes that are difficult to visualize. It’s possible to look inside any technological process and better understand 3D visualization.

It looks spectacular like in movies and games because 3D images only take short periods: they should be designed to create a superficial impression, not to be looked at. However, together with sophisticated animation, 3D becomes a powerful design tool.

A great visual example of the combination of animation, 3D objects, and dark theme has the website below:

user interface design 3d graphic trends
UI trends 2023 3d graphic design example

3) Dark Mode

This is not the first time we have seen the dark mode in trends, but it holds its position and will remain so popular by 2023. Following Apple and Android, Dark Mode was implemented by other major players, such as Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Dark theme is famous for several reasons:

  • Saves on battery consumption;

  • Reduces eye strain and makes it easier to use for a long time;

  • Some people like it visually.

Dark interfaces look spectacular, stylish, and elegant. However, designers should carefully choose the “dark side” as it’s not always justified. Introducing the dark interface is crucial to observe an optimum contrast between the text and background. In addition, a designer should pay attention to the context (conditions of use), environment, and the device on which the interface will be viewed.

UI color trends dark mode
UI trends 2023  dark mode

4) Adaptive design

Right now, smartphones are leading to laptops. Mobile has 54.8% of global traffic. So, mobile searches account for 60% of all searches, and 83% of users use smartphones to access social networks. Now, when designers work on a project, they should take care of the adaptive design for tablet, mobile, and computer screens to make the design user-friendly.

Read more about tablet app design in our blog.

5) Oversized typography

Big multi-level headers are returning to UI trends in 2023. Text is now a priority element, and designers pay attention to typography and font selection.

For example, an enlarged caption does the following:

  • Catch eyes

  • Create interesting visual deformation

  • Create design with more determination 

UI trend 2023 oversized typograph
UI trends 2023  soft shadows and floating elements example

6) VR and AR

PwC estimates that the Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) market will bring the economy £1.4 trillion by 2030. Currently, the leading raised reality platform is the user's smartphone. The development of AR shows that not a news feed but a phone camera is becoming the primary way of perceiving information. Users can get interactive navigation and museums, try on clothes on their phones, or take funny photos with masks (Instagram, TikTok, Sloy). Analysts point out that users will increasingly look through their phone cameras and use lightweight AR glasses long-term.

A superb example of AR insertion is the IKEA furniture catalog feature. Now a potential buyer can quickly understand how a new sofa or armchair will fit into the interior of an apartment, take a photo of the unique setting and place an order.

Virtual reality immerses users in new medicine, education, and entertainment environments. VR provides a profound and often transformative experience, where the experience is difficult to compare with real life. Users will increasingly adapt to VR in communication for emotions, enjoyment, and immersion.

With the Bosch VR app, smartphone, and cardboard glasses, the user can visit the inside of Bosch's “Garden of Earthly Delights” triptych, for example. It's so easy to make and be inside the picture; isn’t it a cool feature?

VR and AR UI trend 2023
UI trends 2023 VR and AR example


7) Micro animation

Animation isn't new in design, but in the UI trend of 2023, the focus will fall on small animated interface elements. They bring your website or mobile app design to life and tell a lot more than simple static images, which are no longer as popular. Such animations can grab the user's attention and sharpen the focus on something essential. 

8) Abstract design

​​Another UI trend in 2023 is an abstraction in design, primarily abstract figures. This style makes users feel new emotions because it's pretty unusual and quickly catches their attention. As we wrote above, emotional design is also one of the trends that can be achieved through abstract shapes. 

9) Split-screen design

The split-screen design is also a UI trend in 2023. Its rapid growth is due to the adaptive design to different screens. Mainly, we’re talking about websites that can be launched from laptops and mobile phones. Its peculiarity is the easy adaptation. For example, two blocks can quickly change into one vertical if the user opens the page on a small smartphone screen. It's convenient, practical, and attractive, meeting all the parameters of a well-designed website. 

new UI design trends 2023
Split screen as UI design trends in 2023

10) Bold colors and multicolor

Bold colors are UI color trends 2023 that immediately attract users' attention. It’s usually paired with elements that are worth emphasizing. If you don't want to make a mistake with the accent placements before starting working with UI design, it's better to research your target audience and create a user flow and journey. This helps determine their behavior on the site and what they notice first. Also, you can make heat maps of clicks. 

Multicolor paired with minimalism will set the tone for your product and grab the user's attention. Remember, it's essential to think through every color and element you put into your design. After all, it should meet the brand's needs and solve a particular customer’s problem.

You can read it on our blog to learn more about Choosing the Correct UI Design Colors.

Summing up

Some trends keep their position, some return from previous years. 2023 is projected to be a period of active integration of different UI trends 2023 and their usage. As a result, designers have many exciting techniques to learn and practice. 

Remember that being in a trend isn’t just about knowing and using trends. It’s essential to apply these techniques to create a consistent style that will be winning and recognizable for the company. But still, one of the most significant tasks remains the following: to choose a convenient and necessary web design team that can help you with the design of your user interface. 

Contact our studio, and we will be glad to help you create a product including all major UI design trends and tendencies for 2032. You can see our impressive projects on Dribbble and the list of services we provide.

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