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Project Objectives

CreatorSet platform is designed to provide an exciting and engaging way for content creators, influencers, and businesses to create eye-catching animations and tags. With our easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, users can quickly upload or create their own mini-animations and tags within minutes. Project objective was to make customizing and creating animations easier so that content creators could easily stand out from the crowd.

Project Goals

The goal of CreatorSet is to provide users with a platform that allows them to easily create and share digital content. With its easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface, users can quickly create their own mini animations, text tags, subtitles for video and audio files, and memes (emoji) - no prior design experience is necessary! Through the store, users can also easily purchase ready-made content from other creators. CreatorSet is dedicated to empowering creativity and giving everyone a chance to express themselves. We believe that everyone has unique ideas and stories to tell, and we are here to give them an outlet for their creations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced creator, you'll find something to love on our platform!

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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)

Number of screens

Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

CreatorSet is much more than just a platform for buying mini animations and tags. Our users have seen tremendous success in their creative projects with our help. We've helped thousands of users find their voice and become the true creators they always wanted to be. With CreatorSet, you can easily create your own small animations, text tags, add subtitles to video and audio files, upload your own memes (emoji), and access our vast library of mini animations and tags.

Design Process

When designing the CreatorSet platform, we wanted to create an intuitive user experience that was accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We began by creating a basic wireframe of the website, outlining all the features and functions available on each page. From there we focused on developing our color palette and typography, ensuring they complemented each other while still keeping a modern, minimalistic look. We made sure the website remained clutter-free with plenty of white space and small details like interactive buttons that could provide an engaging experience. When it came to our store page, we wanted to make it simple for users to find what they were looking for, so we organized all the animations and tags into categories and provided easy-to-use navigation options. We also enabled users to easily preview each animation and tag by hovering over the thumbnail images, giving more detailed descriptions of each item on mouse click.

Turn Your Tags into a Masterpiece!

Poptag Editor

Poptag Editor is an intuitive tool for creating high-quality tags and messages. With Poptag Editor, you can customize your tags with text, emojis, shapes, colors, fonts, and more! You can also add subtitles to your audio and video files. In the end you can download them and use them in your own projects. With the Poptag Editor, you have the flexibility to create unique tags that perfectly express your message.

Here we are compiling a bunch of reports

Profanity Checker Tools

We upload the audio file, and the program shows the number of gross errors and groups them by complexity. Thus, our users can understand where they should pay more attention. To make the work easier, the program has a function of auto-correction in some cases. In addition, the built-in Profanity Checker Tool allows you to check whether the text contains inappropriate words or phrases and find their replacements if necessary.

Keep Your Content Clean and Professional


Shop where you can buy animations and tags to use in your projects. CreatorSet Store offers a wide range of products, from small animations and tags to complex and intricate pieces that can be used for any project. Whether you are looking for something special or just some creative inspiration, you'll definitely find it at the CreatorSet Store!

Bring Your Ideas to Life with CreatorSet!

Green Screens

The user can make a request to the creator - request a green screen. Apparently, the creator cuts out the desired background from the video proposed by the user and overlays green. The user can describe what he specifically needs, pay, set deadlines and cooperate with the creator. This service allows you to quickly get a video for various presentations, broadcasts and other purposes.

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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

CreatorSet is the ultimate platform for buying mini animations and tags. This powerful platform allows users to register, choose a tariff, shop in our store, create own small animations and explore animations of other users, add text tags to video and audio files, upload their memes (emoji), and much more! With CreatorSet, you can achieve stunning results in no time. We strive to make the experience of creating and sharing animations and tags as easy and enjoyable as possible, so you can create beautiful content in minutes.

Review and Result

The Gapsy team executed OURA’s creative direction and brand strategy with passion and tenacity. Typically, when you launch a new website, conversion numbers dip a little. For OURA, it was the exact opposite - numbers increased.
Abdul Ovaice
Creative Director at СreatorSet
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