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Project Objectives

The primary objective of the Pickle app is to provide users with a convenient and user-friendly platform that keeps track of their various events, tasks, activities, and much more. It allows users to easily assign events to their calendars, chat with friends in real time and leave feedback on any activity within the app. The Pickle app also provides users with a wide range of tools to customize their events, such as customizing the reminders, notifications, and duration of each event. Furthermore, Pickle allows users to share their activities with friends in real time, making it easier for them to stay organized and on track with all of their tasks.

Project Goals

The goal of Pickle is to make it easy for users to organize and manage their events, tasks, and activities. The app allows users to assign tasks and due dates, add reminders, sync calendars with friends, chat in-app, leave feedback on events and tasks, access real-time analytics about the progress of assignments and more. With Pickle, users can stay organized and on top of their plans without having to jump from app-to-app. All in one simple and user friendly interface.

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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

Pickle's users have seen incredible results since using the app. Through Pickle, users are able to better manage their events and social lives, plan smarter and get more done in less time. Thanks to Pickle's intuitive chat interface, it is much easier for friends and family to stay connected even when they are apart. Furthermore, the feedback feature of Pickle allows users to give and receive feedback on their events and the app itself, making it easier for organizers to make sure their gatherings are successful.

Design Process

Designing the Pickle app was a complex process combining design and technology. We started by looking at all of the user needs and then created wireframes to determine the layout and usability of the application. We used Sketch, Principle, and Invision to create high-fidelity mockups that captured all of the visual details. After we developed the design, we turned our attention to the engineering side. We tested for speed and optimized for performance to ensure a smooth user experience. Finally, we launched the Pickle app with all of its features, providing users with an intuitive way to stay organized and connected with their friends. We are continuously working to improve the Pickle app, adding new features and making sure it runs smoothly. With its intuitive design and powerful technology, Pickle is helping people stay connected in a more efficient way than ever before!

Designing Logos, Simplified!

Logo Design

We've designed the Pickle's project logo as a cutaway cucumber, or "pickle," sliced in half, with one side in green and the other in yellow. The logo can represent the project in various media, like print, digital, and video. The bright colors and simple design convey a sense of enthusiasm and fun that reflects the spirit of Pickles' project. The logo can also be customized for specific purposes and audiences, adding versatility.

Home feed
Organize your events with ease!


The homepage of the Pickle app is designed to be a one-stop hub for organizing social events. It allows users to see upcoming events, join conversations with other event organizers and participants, and leave feedback on past activities. On the homepage, users can also create new events or edit existing ones, as well as sync their calendars with shared events. Pickle also includes a chat feature so that users can stay in touch with their friends and family, making it easy to plan activities together.
Interactive chat
Pickle your way to success

Interactive chat

Each event has a chat where, thanks to a quick set of words, you can warn about the fact that you are late or ask for details on the meeting. This chat allows you to interact in real time with all the participants of your event. Furthermore, to make communication easier, Pickle has implemented a great feature for private conversations between two users.
Organized communication
Stay Organized- Make Event Planning a Breeze!

Organized communication

Pickle is an all-in-one social app that makes it easier to stay organized and communicate with friends. With Pickle, users can assign events, sync them to calendars, chat with friends and leave feedback. This ensures that everyone stays on the same page when it comes to planning events or activities. It also allows users to message and comment in one central location, making it easy to coordinate plans and get feedback from friends.
Search events
Search and Find Your Perfect Event!

Search events

Pickle makes it even easier to search and find events with its intuitive search function. Just type in the details you're looking for, such as the event's name, location or date range, and Pickle will deliver a list of related results. You can see all the important information about an event from this page, including its date, time, location and description. You can also customize your search to view only certain types of events in specific locations at certain times. With Pickle, you'll never miss an event again!
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It's much longer than you can last in bed ;-)
Unique visitors in 3 months
The results

Pickle is a powerful tool that helps to keep all your events, conversations, and feedback in one place. With the help of Pickle, users can easily assign tasks to other members of their group, sync events to their calendars, chat with friends and leave feedback. This makes planning for upcoming events easier and more efficient than ever before. The final result is an organized and stress-free way to manage all your events in one place.

Review and Result

Gapsy Studio’s work received positive feedback from initial viewers due to its fresh look and feel. They were accessible and communicative throughout the partnership. They offered professionalism and outstanding customer support on top of their UI/UX and design expertise.
Gonca Tuncay
CEO Pickles
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