Looking Ahead With Top B2B Website Design Trends for 2023

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b2b website design trends

Working with a B2B web design isn’t an easy task. First impressions are significant in this sphere, so to build a profitable online business, you need to emphasize the appearance of your website. Therefore, compliance with the latest web design trends discussed below will be a great advantage for an online resource. This article will focus on the main features and best practices of the B2B websites.

What is B2B web design?

There are several different business models – B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), and C2B (Consumer to Business) with their specific characteristics. Therefore, every online project dedicated to one of these models has distinctive features. B2B website design creates and optimizes products, services, or experiences for businesses catering to other companies. A B2B website should be concise, simple, and easy to use. In B2B interactions, one business entity sells its products or services to another, which could be for various purposes, such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing productivity, or meeting specific business needs. 

b2b web design considerations
essential elements of b2b design

B2B website designs must create solutions that align with the business's unique requirements, challenges, and goals. B2B design often focuses on functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, as enterprises are typically more concerned with how a solution can enhance their operations and contribute to their profit. Here is a list of critical considerations in B2B web design:

  • Functionality. Address the business’s specific needs, providing solutions that improve processes and contribute to overall efficiency.
  • Customization. Allow users to personalize their experience on your website to meet their requirements.
  • Integration. Incorporate third-party services to improve clients’ business environment. 
  • Scalability. Adapt to the fast-paced B2B market and allow users to expand their business’s online needs.

TOP B2B website design trends in 2023

A modern B2B website is an essential online tool for generating leads. To keep your site up-to-date, we have selected the TOP B2B website design trends. Of course, time makes adjustments to the development of design trends. However, we have picked up stable trends in web development that are used now and will be in demand in the future:


Less is more – this statement sounds especially relevant in 2022. Website users are ordinary people, tired of the abundance of information in our digital age. Keep your site simple so they can understand it right away. When users land on your site, they should feel calm and relaxed and think, “This is exactly what I’m looking for” or “Oh, this will help solve my question.”

This is especially in demand on B2B websites with complex business models, services, or products. By showing content in small portions to be swallowed, we thereby involve users in exploring the site. In addition, the design should be neat, airy, and include only the most essential elements.

For example, on the Evernote website, this portioned serving sets the site apart from the overloaded sites of competitors.

minimalism b2b design trend
b2b website design trends – minimalism

Interactive elements

Attracting a user to your site is an achievement in itself. But, at the same time, when visitors come to the site, you need to keep them. Using small animations, interactive elements, dynamic scrolling is a great way to highlight areas of content to grab the attention of your visitors.

Using interactive features, you add visual interest to the site’s content while not cluttering the design with unnecessary details.

Pierre Herme Nicolas Buffe is an interactive storytelling website that allows users to explore the story (called “A Story of the Kingdoms of the Moon and the Sun”) with simple drag-and-drop. Its fancy scenes, a large number of vivid animations, eye-catching illustration design style and perfect micro-interactions leave visitors in a fantastic adventure within these two opposite kingdoms.

Reading this story is anything but boring. This interactive website gives you a unique experience.

interactive elements for B2B website design
b2b website design trends – interactive elements

Dynamic effects

Background video has been in vogue for several years now, and this trend is still relevant.

More and more designers incorporate motion elements into B2B website design, be it background video, animation, or dynamic scrolling effects.

So the Silvus Technologies website uses a background video to highlight the features of its products. If you’re using video, animation, or interactive effects, two main things to consider: it should support and develop the company’s brand and be user-friendly.

dynamic effects for b2b website design
b2b website design trend - dynamic effects

Read more about the company’s brand and why branding is important in our blog. Don’t miss; this topic is significant for your business.

Content-oriented design

Not so long ago, web designers, starting to develop a site, thought primarily about its structure, assuming that the content would fit into the given framework later. Unfortunately, for the B2B segment, this approach is already outdated.

The process of B2B website design has become more iterative in recent years. This approach allows you to create a design in parallel with a continuous analysis of the results obtained and correct mistakes made in the previous stages of work in time. So, instead of creating a standard layout where to place content later, designers now develop layouts that sync with the content.

Design Thinking has dominated the B2B segment this year. An anthropocentric approach solves many problems, especially user experience, and provides more continuous development, learning, and creativity opportunities.

You should also think about personality-oriented design for your website design as this approach to target audience thinking becomes more and more popular. Check our article about this topic!


Glassmorphism is a trend that emerged in the UI and graphic design world. It involves creating a visual style resembling frosted glass or semi-transparent materials, with a blurred background and translucent elements. This design approach aims to provide a sense of depth, authenticity, and elegance to user interfaces. 

User interface elements like buttons, cards, and panels have a translucent appearance, allowing the background to show through partially. This creates a feeling of layered content and doesn’t stresses users’ eye. Glassmorphism relies on subtle lighting effects, such as highlights and shadows, to enhance the perception of realism. While the trend initially focused on muted and pastel colors to achieve the frosted glass effect, designers have also experimented with more vibrant colors while retaining the translucent look. In a nutshell, this design approach can make the use of the website more fun and pleasant. Here is an example of how you can make it work:

glassmorphism b2b design trend
b2b website design trend - glassmorphism

Revival art direction

It’s pretty difficult for a modern user to concentrate on the content. As a result, people began to read less, preferring to crawl the site’s content and stay only on the most exciting pages. This trend is quite dangerous for businesses, and designers have figured out how to solve this problem. The content uses large panoramic images, beautiful visual effects, and bright design elements to make it easier to scan small text fragments. All this allows you to grab the user’s attention, and for those who want to know more, just click on the link “More.”

revival art direction for a website in 2023
revival art direction for a website in 2023

Images have always played a key role in web development, but now their importance has grown exponentially. Therefore, choosing the right visuals will be vital for many designers, so stock photography will soon become obsolete.

What will replace images from stock and photo banks? Most likely, unique visual libraries will appear in all major areas of human activity. This will allow brands to stand out and create their image. Today, commercial website owners must empower designers to work with individual photographers and artists to get unique visual content that fully matches the brand image. In addition, B2B sites today need to engage users not with large blocks of text but with compelling visuals.

This approach will require a paradigm shift in B2B website design, as businesses and commerce still prefer to use inexpensive stock images to create their visual identity.

Let’s summarize

These B2B web design trends, with several others, are the most requested in 2023. Of course, the future of these trends remains a topic of discussion, but there is no doubt that the most important trends will dominate for a long time ahead. But user experience is the starting point for B2B website design today and remains the primary trend.

If you need a B2B website design, you can entrust it to Gapsy Studio since we know what your target audience expects. We will implement any idea for the web or mobile design. So do not delay and contact us!

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