Best Tips on How to Design an Educational Website

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how to design an educational website

Online education has been thrived for the last couple of years. From a variety of educational platforms, only a few stands out and are well-known to the audience. One of the reasons for this is a website with a good design and usability. A successful educational website guides the user to achieve their goal. The purpose is to create a multifunctional environment that will provide people with a precious service called knowledge. To do this, explore, discover, and analyze the peculiarities of a worthy educational website, meet students’ requirements and create a welcoming atmosphere with the help of fantastic design. So, how to design an educational website? Keep reading this article to find out.

Essential Features of an Educational Website Design

features of an educational website design
essential features of an educational website design

Regardless of the audience you want to affect and the field you specialize in, we will help you understand a general image of a worthy website. Every online educational institution wants to attract as many students as possible. Gapsy will help you to accomplish it with high-quality website design services. So let’s look at some key points to implement listed below.

1) Great Visuals

Appearance plays a significant role in any website. In our case, it has to be engaging in learning. Such items as colors, typography, and overall layout should be convincing. The users’ impression will directly depend on your attention to these components.

Color scheme. Specific colors can make people feel in different ways and while creating an educational website, pay a lot of attention to this. Color scheme helps to establish the brand on the market. This is a very important factor because it helps with recognition. People are drawn to something fresh and new, so this is a great opportunity for you to stand out. Use a catchy, but calm color palette. Do not overuse tones for the sake of the users not being distracted from the main point. A very bright appearance can stress out the user’s eyes and make browsing through the website impossible.

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Typography. This helps with overall readability, navigation, and gives life to the text. Your main goal is to make visitors use your educational website. Properly used typography attracts new students. Bold fonts and the right size of the text will make it work. Professional designers are going to help you in creating a harmonious look for your website.

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Don’t forget to match details like fonts, buttons, headers, and footers to the main style and color spectrum for better general perception.

2) Media Content

Continuing with the visuals, putting a lot of media components would help in designing your website, especially an educational one. Media makes your website more appealing and the educational process more enjoyable. Studies show that images hold the user’s attention longer than simple text. In a nutshell, media will help your UI design look eye-catching and memorable. Always make sure that images and videos are relevant to the information. Otherwise, it will turn the user away.

3) Easy Navigation

The navigation is a key section in your website to guide the visitor. It should not be confusing, difficult, or inconvenient. Create an appealing atmosphere by helping future students achieve their goals with user-friendly navigation, giving them options to choose from initially. Use convincing and expressive typography, so that the navigation bar will be noticeable.

4) Mobile Version

54,7% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. 61% of users have a higher opinion of companies with mobile-friendly website designs. As for the educational website, it is necessary to have this feature. It is in your interest to make the user stay on the web page, so create a comfortable environment for this. Allow visiting and studying at any time anywhere. This way the users will be sure about the credibility of your services. Our team will bring your mobile app design ideas to life.

These are the features that will help take your education web design to the next level. Overall, regardless of the type of information you offer to the students, you will accomplish the task on a successful website by including this.

Aspects to Keep in Mind While Designing an Educational Website

Having all the essential features in your design is excellent, but not enough. You should remember some principles to create an outstanding Education Web Design. Follow them, so you can be sure of the direction you are moving in.

Structure the information

structure the information for educational website design
structure the information

As previously said, functional navigation is one of the main factors that indicate a good website design. Firstly, make sure all the sections are quickly available. The users don’t want to spend time finding the desired stuff. Your online service will present some type of learning materials – think through the hierarchy of stated information and let students follow it without side problems with minding the functionality of the web page.

Use the right message

use the right message for educational website design
use the right message

The message and mood you are sending to the users need to be bold and convincing. Set up the goals you want to achieve and decide how they meet the students’ needs. Remember, that analyzing users’ requirements brings you closer to the potential customer. People like to see what they want, so give them this privilege.

Depending on the type of information you are going to offer, explore the possible target audience. This is one of the most crucial steps in creating a website because it might directly affect the design of your website.

Create an agile website

make your educational website agile
create an agile website

An educational website means that your users will constantly engage with the content. Starting with the website’s design, reflect on how to convey information in the best way. Nobody will be interested in just reading piles of text, so find a way to make your platform multifunctional and flexible. Think over the possible pages layouts that make spending time on the website useful and pleasant.

Best-Designed Educational Websites

Have a look at some top examples of the best website designs for educational institutions for a better understanding of the direction you need to move in.

thinkific website design example
thinkific website design

The website’s design shows right away the brand’s personality and the message they try to send. The design encourages you to make decisions faster and engage with the content. You can notice that scaling and proportions are well rendered which is important for a website’s design.

skillshare website design example
skillshare website design

The perfect amount of media files doesn’t let you go away from this website. This is a great example of properly using images that will catch the visitor’s eye. Overall, the atmosphere here is engaging in the learning process and this is exactly what every online educational platform wants to achieve.

udemy website design example
udemy website design

Excellent case that presents slick, interactive navigation, a great color palette, and the ability to make free choices on the website. The lists of proposed activities are visible and well-organized which makes the use of a website much more comfortable.

edx website design example
edx website design

Similar to the previous example, the website’s design allows interactivity to show up. But what catches the attention is the call to action elements. The well-structured typography adds bonus points to it. The design has completed the task of making the user stay and look through the services the brand provides.

futurelearn website design example
futurelearn website design example

We bet this one catches your attention right away. Thanks to the bright and bold color palette. This is a perfect example of how not to overuse colorfulness while creating an educational website design. The right amount of brightness combined with user-friendly navigation will make a successful educational website like this one.

Final Words

A fantastic educational website design demands a lot of work. Creating an inviting atmosphere is not impossible but takes a lot of time. Make sure you are set on your goals and can provide students with interactive content. You are on the road to success when combining this with an astonishing design.

After reading this article, we hope you are convinced of the importance of a well-designed website for your educational institution. Professional designers from our team will provide you with all services needed. See all the services we provide and more of our works on Behance or Dribbble. Contact us when you are ready!

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