Everything You Need To Know About Web Design Illustrations

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illustrations in web design

Nowadays, web design illustrations are more than just a decoration for a site or an app. Instead, they are driving, motivating, and engaging.

Knowing how to get the message of an illustration right is critical for a project’s success. Illustrations for web design should be useful. Their competent presentation carries a lot of information. They can act as visual examples of the information or research. Their most important function is that they act as the face of the company. Illustrations make the brand easily recognizable and preserve the style of the company.

Let’s analyze why web design illustrations are so important, and what functions they carry.

Main objectives of illustrations

Often illustrations stay unnoticed. They are overlooked without realizing how important they are to both the reader and later to the business.

In this article, we’ll discuss the seven main factors in which we’ll break down why illustrations in a web design are necessary.

Tell a story

An illustration is an art and craft in one guise. Firstly, the illustrator is an artist who presents a picture through their unique vision of the subject. But, on the other hand, it’s a specialist who is engaged in designing and solving problems.

The first thing people pay attention to is an attractive picture that catches the eye. Properly created web design illustrations can convey more information than text. For example, it can be a series of pictures with a sequence of actions or a diagram.

Website design illustrations produce the company’s style, its distinctive feature. Keeping to one style framework guarantees to create the company’s “face” in the market.

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Navigate seamlessly

navigation through web design illustration
web design illustration provide navigation

Users don’t want to spend a lot of time navigating through an app or on a website. This is where virtual assistants come in. These can be both pop-up illustrations or the company’s virtual helper. Quick help and a straightforward interface will attract users and leave a good impression. It’ll encourage them to go to the app again.

Highlight the important information

The illustration isn’t a distraction to fill a blank space. It’s a purposefully created object with a specific task in it. It’s important to note that the web design illustration for company representatives is a strategic object that requires proper attention. But it should be presented with ease and catch the user’s attention.

This means that it’s necessary to place the illustration on the site wisely. Place it where you want to make an emphasis.

Attract user’s attention

It’s inherent in human psychology that the first thing we perceive is a picture. Visual information is perceived 60,000 times faster than text. It gives people a first impression and lays down certain emotions towards a content. On the same principle, it’s necessary to work with the site.

The site is the face of the brand, and illustrations help him create a visual image and personality. Therefore, users who visit the site should remain impressed and interested. This will help you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and create an image. That is why website graphics are so important.

Also, in human psychology, a visual picture is perceived more quickly than a huge text. Therefore, informative illustration design for websites serves as abreaction. With a high probability that the user won’t read the site where the information is solid text. Even if it will be useful and informative, in such cases, web design illustrations also attract the client’s attention and break down the “text wall.”

An excellent example of a well-illustrated site is a London camping tent rental site decorated in pleasant colors. The interface of the site attracts the user. Fascinating illustrations tell about the kind of services provided. The site is not overloaded with text, and the illustrations are reasonably placed.

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web design illustrations to attract users attention
example of a well-illustrated website

Increase brand awareness

The success of a brand depends on its presentation. There are many components of successful implementation. Such as the company’s corporate identity. This includes color, font, and design style. The design of a business logo and mascot also play an essential role.

use web design illustrations to increase brand awareness
increase brand awareness by web design illustrations

llustrations in web design play a unique role in remembering the brand among users. Seeing a publication in a particular company style, the user immediately remembers the company itself. Thus, repeated illustrations on the website, business cards, or product packaging automatically make it recognizable among competitors.

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Improve content perception by the users

Business is built on customers. Therefore, each idea goes through many stages to be profitable for the company and arouses interest among users.

user perception through web design illustrations
impact of web design illustrations

Web sites are created for the same purpose. So that the user can learn more about the company, its objectives and familiarize himself with its services. That is why so much depends on illustration: first impression and further desire to cooperate. The website should make a positive impression, interest the user. In this case, website design illustration and its graphics help. That is if the site attracts the user’s appearance, he’ll be interested in staying there.

The same principle is used to evaluate the articles. If it’s just a set of black and white letters, though, with meaning, the reader will have difficulty perceiving the information. Illustrations dilute the text making it readable and engaging. This is human psychology.

Increase conversion

We have already figured out that web design illustrations play an important role in designing and attracting customers. But you shouldn’t focus only on them. It’s important they would be informative, but don’t slow down the work of the site. As a rule, the reader leaves the site, which loads slowly. Accordingly, there will be no conversion if the user leaves the site so quickly. Also, it will affect the place of your site in the Google search engine. That is because, since 2010, one of the leading ranking factors in Google is the loading speed.

Let’s go back to the illustrations. According to the user’s research, visual images impact consumers’ desire to purchase goods or services. Often users search for the information they are interested in through pictures. That is why correctly inserted illustrations in the article will be a great way to improve the site’s conversion rate.

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To conclude

Having discussed the main reasons for the importance of website design illustration, we can conclude that they make a website complete. They help a brand or company to be recognizable. They also serve to attract the attention of customers and work to keep them interested. An interested customer is a successful business. The main thing to remember is that working with illustrations is an essential step in launching a product. An excessive number of them and their incorrect positioning on the site can only make things worse.

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