Nowadays, you may think that everything that can be considered in web design has long been invented, but it’s not entirely true. New ideas and concepts are storming the web design market, and the most valuable and forceful ones ultimately become trends. 2020 has brought us a lot of surprises; the web design field has not been left out. You certainly remember 2020 web design trends such as dark mode, animated illustrations, voice user interface, and lots of others. We are confident that 2021 will give food for thought as well. And we are, of course, ready to tell you about new trends in website design!

Best website design trends 2021

According to Mill For Business, there were 1.2 billion websites in January 2020. That’s impressive! In 2021, the number of sites will continue to grow. We need to look for new ways to attract customers’ attention. Elements of 3D design, smooth animation, soft shadows – it is the three-dimensional image that will become the primary trend in the design of 2021. So let’s figure out which trends are worth our attention.

Retro fonts: kind regards from the past

Frankly speaking, 2020 hasn’t been a big year for outdoor activities, but it has allowed us to enjoy our time at home (and, therefore, online). Nowadays, every Tom, Dick, or Harry fondly recalls the time when things were different. Web design trends have also begun to turn to the past. Designers have skillfully used previous generations’ experience to improve retro fonts, coming up with new styling options relevant to current trends.By the way, the “the past is the future of the present” rule doesn’t just work with fonts. In this context, vintage stamps, old-school texture, and even floppy discs (if you still remember them:) can be used as a website design trend.

good example of retro fonts web design trend

retro fonts web design trend

Horizontal scrolling

What was often considered a bad web design technique has taken on a new life and rightfully claims to become a new web design trend. It has long been underestimated due to the popularity and prevalence of vertical scrolling. Still, it is quite true that horizontal scrolling can exist in modern website design trends. Horizontal scrolling can emplace additional information, while it is preferable to keep the primary data in the vertical scroll area.

web design trend - horizontal scrolling

scrolling as a web design trend

Tip! Keep it simple for your users: add alternative navigation methods and tooltips to help users understand how horizontal scrolling works. Carefully consider the choice of content for horizontal scrolling, focusing on vantage points, such as a photo selection. It will help to increase the visibility of information, and therefore user engagement. But it is better to refrain from placing text information in the horizontal scrolling area since there is a small chance that it can fly under the radar.


Augmented reality has already conquered the whole world once, leaving no one indifferent. Each of us has used funny filters on Snapchat at least once (don’t live in denial: many have killed more than one hour by entertaining themselves with AR 🙂 )

Augmented reality is also storming trends in website design this year, more and more often entering the design life.

World brands have already appreciated this web design industry trend and are actively introducing it into their use. The examples are not far to seek: Asos and its Virtual Catwalk. This feature was created to visualize the product, allowing users to see it live, thereby turning shopping into an exciting game (which will positively impact sales!).

web design trend - AR

AR as a web design trend

The well-known brand Gucci also didn’t stand aside, introducing the try-on function into its asset. And this was done for the buyers’ convenience, who can now literally try on one or another pair of sneakers without leaving home. Convenient right?

3D elements

3D has firmly entered our daily life. Undoubtedly, the technology that has changed the world couldn’t ignore current web design trends. Nowadays, 3D is an affordable and widely used design tool. 3D elements may not be an independent, full-fledged design project, but they will be a great addition and maybe even give zest to the web design creation.

You can add another layer or dimension to your site to attract visitors. One such example is The Artery, which combines geometric 3d elements with minimalist, simple grid lines.

artery implementing 3d element web design trend

3d element web design trend

3D visuals will harmoniously fit into the design and retain the user’s attention, forcing them to immerse more and more in the unique world you have created.


A perfect way to learn a unique story using the latest trend in website design. Scrolling transformations can be a way to avoid excess textual information as it is presented in the form of a dynamic picture.

Audio and visual content brings the user to a new, more profound level of information perception, involving them in your game and giving a lot of room for imagination. Remember – seeing is believing! Scrollytelling has many benefits, but the main thing here is increasing user engagement and optimizing information.

scrollytelling web design trend

web design trend is scrollytelling

Tip! It’s better not to use scrolling on a large surface. This can distract the user’s attention, and therefore draw them away from the product. However, using scroll telling elements wisely will show the user the story as you intended it, which means everything works as intended!

In addition to scroll telling, scrolling cards are also breaking out of the trends in web design. They represent an offbeat and relatively simple way of presenting structured information.

Parallax animation

It is an exciting and unusual way to create the illusion of movement, volume, and depth at the same time. This web design trend can be a great solution that will help you stand out from the competition, even for a website with little information. Besides, if you provide a service, not a product, then you should not miss the opportunity to show your service in “dynamics.”

This effect creates the illusion of a game, and as we all know, everyone loves playing games. But don’t overdo it! Although we want giddy success from work done, still be careful with parallax animation. It can be a reason for dizziness.

Tip! Control the use of parallax animation and try to keep movement to a minimum. Only in this case, this technique will be justified.

parallax animation is a web design trend

web design trend is Parallax animation

Abstract art

At first glance, it may seem simple and even primitive. But in the capable hands of web designers, abstractions become part of the whole composition that one wants to consider. You’ve probably already noticed that trendy website designs increasingly combine organic and geometric elements. You won’t surprise anyone with the presence of geometric shapes in design. Still, a skillful combination of styles allows you to create a unique design that can be interpreted differently.

abstract art web design trend

web design trend is abstract art

Gaussian blur

2020 marked itself as a year of online life: online work, online cinema, and even online meetings. The number of hours spent in front of a computer monitor has increased for everyone, regardless of profession, age, and interests. We have reason to believe that this trend will continue in 2021. This means there will be no rest for the wicked (especially for our eyes), affecting the latest website design trend.

web design trend is Gaussian blur

gaussian blur web design trend

This restful style solution as unobtrusively as possible focuses on the main thing while not wholly forgetting the background. Gaussian blur is a great way to direct the user’s attention wherever you need it 🙂

Comfortable colors

It’s no secret that color plays a significant role in the design, as color can affect users’ perception. Color is a powerful force in the hands of a designer. It attracts the eye, generates emotions, and conveys meaning. To make you understand how important this is, here is a well-known study called The Effect of Color on Marketing, which says that people make 90% hasty buying decisions based on colors alone for some products. So the effective use of colors plays a big role in the design. That’s why we consider using muted colors (overly bright shades can drive users up the wall.

сomfortable colors web design trend

web design trend is comfortable colors

Do you still think that colors are not important in design? Then we want to assure you otherwise. Read our article How to Choose the Correct UI Design Colors for Your Product to Reinforce Your Business and see.


What is also pleasing to the eye is another web design trend known as minimalism. Minimalism is based on fundamental design principles: half-empty space and no unnecessary details. The success of this concept is confirmed by the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who said that “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

Choosing minimalism, we focus the user’s attention, not on the design as on the product itself, which means the content comes to the fore. Just look at the IKEA website.

web design trend is minimalism

minimalism web design trend

No distractions: only you and the product you’re interested in. The perfect combination! And there is nothing to add here (and it is not necessary).

Wrapping up

Anyway, only time will tell which of the trends will come true. But what we can see now tells us that the future lies behind ‘down-to-earth’ design. Arguably, the most admitted trend in web design will sound ‘base your design on user preference.’ This strategy is timeless and unrivaled. Focusing on customers is our current trend in website design.

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